Sunday, July 27, 2014

HGTV, I Hardly Know You

Brand new, non-blog party post today! I know, don't faint in shock. It's a rainy day up here. I've been saving this post for a while and decided it was time to share.

I found this graphic online from, and it made me laugh. 

I still get comments on old posts where I crabbed about HGTV turning into the Real Estate Channel. Here's a small sample of the comments I still get on posts that are over two years old.

---Wow! I see I'm not alone! I hadn't watched much HGTV since the late '90s, when my satellite provider changed hands, but I do like the "White House Christmas" shows. Once I got sat service back, I was less than thrilled at the new lineup of programs -- every other thing is house hunting or competition. What happened to "Decorating Cents," "Room by Room," "This Small Space" and shows like that? Do the programmers think nobody wants to decorate anymore? I admit, I did get caught up in "Selling New York" -- if for no reason, than to see what purse the Kleier sisters were carrying! -- but now even THAT seems to have disappeared! I guess I'll just wait for December and the only show I actually want to watch. :-(

---I truly appreciated shows that helped me make my home better. I don't buy and sell or flip property. I'm just a little town girl with a house built in the 60's. I just want to keep my home up and repair as my budget allows. That is not the 90,000 some shows have us believe that everyone has. I'm glad to see that other people feel this way too. I do miss all the good, everyday people shows that HGTV used to have.

---Kitty Bartholomew! Chris Madden! Christopher Lowell! Rachel Ashwell! and of course MY QUEEN, SARAH RICHARDSON!

--I can't stand the new HGTV. I can't get past there fast enough either. The brothers and the cousins all need to go home. Love it or List it needs to LEAVE IT. No remodeling project/estimate on that show is successful. I wish someone would give me a channel that helps me work with what I've got with a reasonable amount of money, elbow grease and creativity. Those looking for houses on the real estate shows reject a whole house because of a can of paint. It would seem that a design show would show them how to work with what's within their budget.

Links to my original posts: 

I hate HGTV Property Virgins

What do you think? Still annoyed with HGTV, like I am? Once in a while I flip by to see if they've changed anything. Seems like the same old, same old. 

I give up. I miss the HGTV days of yore.


MWallek said...

It seems like all the budget/diy shows are now on DIY network. Same thing happened with Food network vs Cooking Network prime time is for game shows, not diy. sigh.
Flea Market finds or something similar caught me eye but it was a early 2000 rerun.
I watch more DIy channel and a few others filling in the emptiness instead of HGTV.

Penny @ Penny's Vintage Home said...

I miss the old HGTV too! Everyone I talk to misses it , so I'm trying to figure out who their audience is now! Hugs, Penny

Nicole said...

Agreed. I used to love HGTV but haven't really watched it in years. It just doesn't apply to me and I hate how whiny all these homeowners are. I know it's scripted but I can't imagine anyone agreeing to let the show portray them that way. And because of HGTV I have vowed never to have granite countertops or stainless appliances. :) Luckily PBS still comes through with This Old House, but by the time they put in all the "thanks to our sponsors" and PBS ads for Downton Abbey and Sherlock at the end, it ends up only being 20 minutes once a week! My favorite show used to be Hometime - I think it might still be on, but I wish they'd put reruns back on some channel so I could watch it daily.

Grammy Goodwill said...

Oh, yes, I'm still so disappointed in HGTV. Ever so often I'll turn to it, hoping something has changed. I'll watch Internation House Hunters just to see the country they're moving to. I would love to have some decorating shows return.

Charlotte Huffman said...

I miss Carol Duvall and the craft shows! You can only watch so many people hunting for a house! Did you notice they worry about whether the dogs will be satisfied or they can entertain rather than can they live in the house?? Drives me crazy!

Anonymous said...

I so rarely watch HGTV BECAUSE OF all those "reality" shows.
They need to be honest about just how FAKE it all is---who ARE all these viewers they claim WANT this??
I guess the NEW HGTV is blogland, huh?!

Barbara Pilcher said...

Beats me why they televise that crap. It must have to do with attracting advertisers, because it sure isn't about attracting viewers. Who watches these dumb shows?

Beth H said...

There is a new show called fixer upper that pretty good, it's on Thursday nights.

Rachel Beach said...

I absolutely agree! Nothing on HGTV is budget anymore, and a lot of it is donated from pricey advertisers. The house hunting shows kill me because I would really like to know how all these cute 25 year old couples afford 500k+ houses.

Sabine Schmidt said...

I recently did a blog post on HGTV and how much I miss the old version.
-- Sabine

Deana Bryant said...

My Tv rarely stops on HGTV anymore. I agree with all your posts.

Anonymous said...

I agree! I miss Design on a Dime, Decorating Cents, even Flea market Flip is better than HH and the cousins and the brothers and Leave IT. Oh, I liked Room by Room too. I will watch International HH, Rehab Addict and Fixer Uppers and Flea Market Flip but that is pretty much it. Used to have craft shows on in the early mornings too. Oh, I miss those shows!

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