Monday, November 28, 2011

Our New Miele Vacuum Actually Sucks

Our old Miele vacuum finally died, after repeated attempts by Handy Man to fix it.  He MacGuyver'd the heck out of it, giving us an extra year or so of usage.  We bought it fourteen years ago, so it doesn't owe us a thing.

After much sighing and foot dragging, Handy Man went out and bought a new Miele.  We had some money saved, and we knew what we had to do.  

Besides, the floors were getting narrrrsty.

This review is our opinion, we are receiving no compensation for this post.   

Here is the page on the Miele site that lists all the details.  This vacuum retails for about $799.  Pretty steep, but it's worth it.  Handy Man looked around and found it for a small discount at an appliance store.  He bought it for $729.  Miele vacuums don't really go on sale, so that's the lowest you're going to get.  We've had cheap-o vacuums in the past, and they just...suck.  Or rather, they don't suck enough.  And I use the crap out of the vacuum, so it's worth it to me.

I like the canister style, but they also sell an upright.
S 6270 Topaz Canister, for those following along at home

Space ship or vacuum cleaner?

We live in New England, and track in a lot of sand, dirt, dust and mud.  I have bemoaned the lack of mud room or entry way in this house.  Everything gets dragged in.  Everything.  Even though we take shoes off at the doors, dirt and crud creeps everywhere.  I hate the feeling of grit under my feet, so I vacuum near the doorways almost every single day.  Every day in mud season.  (Mud season = March and some of April.)

I don't even bother with a broom. Brooms just don't cut it here. I feel like it just pushes the grit around.  It just seems easier to pull out the vacuum and suck up the crud that settles around the door every day.  Of course, I vacuum the rest of the house when it needs it, too.  I don't just vacuum doorways, I promise.  

Reasons I like the Miele vacuum:
  • It's got a lonnnnnng cord (I love this feature, because I'm lazy.)
  • It's good on smooth flooring and low pile carpets
  • This one is lightweight and rolls easily.  Our prior Miele was a bit heavy; I was glad to see the newer ones are lighter and easier to handle.  
  •  It has a real HEPA filter.
  • The bags are easy to change.
  • Six adjustable power settings!  If you want to get all Martha Stewart and vacuum upholstery, you can turn it to a lighter setting so it doesn't suck the curtains into a vortex.
Miele vacuums are made in Germany.  Do you have one?  Does your vacuum suck? 


Anna@Directions Not Included said...

Enjoy it! We considered Miele too but ended up with a Dyson this time around. I love it too. Great vacuums make all the difference.

Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging said...

I have a Rainbow. We bought it second hand for $400. Love it. It's a little awkward (the cord gets caught up in the wheels), and a little inconvenient (you have to fill and attach a water reservoir, but I'll never use another kind of vacuum.

What's special is that instead of the exhaust air blowing through all the dirt you just sucked up, and then exiting into the air in your house, the air bubbles through water, where the dirt is deposited.

You empty it into the toilet, this sludge of water and all the junk you picked up. No dust. No moldy, dusty, funky scent. Just the scent you choose to add to the water. I use essential oils, so my whole house can smell like lemongrass, or amber, or lilac, or cedarwood, or rosemary...whatever I want.

Vacuuming becomes a pleasant task, a walk in the park, no matter how much dirt there is. But that's just me. I happen to be heavily olfactory-oriented. If you have allergies to dust and pollen, Rainbow is the one for you.

SmalltownOntario said...

We also own a Miele and love it!

Scrappy Gal said...

We have a Dyson...the one made for pets & it does suck....if you are not careful, it might suck you up :) We had a bit of an issue with it about a yr ago (5yrs old at that point) and Dyson sent us a brand new part for it & a slew of filters for out trouble! Their customer service is awesome!

And, during mud season, yes, I do vacuum doorways ;)

JoAnn said...

Love my miele!!

Dagmar said...

I have had a Miele for about a year now and love it. We run a B&B so it gets a lot of use. Wouldn't buy any other kind

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I have a miele that's 17 years old and have had to replace the motor and do some other repairs but I love the long cord, the swivel wheels and swiveling hose connection. The only thing that prevents me from buying a new one is that they don't make a great power head for carpet, like the Kenmore. The Kenmore is a great vac but is just SO heavy. I've cleaned commercially for 25 years and these are my go to vacs.

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