Monday, November 21, 2011

No More Wooden Hangers

Note: I'm feeling much better with my strep.  Still a bit worn out, but getting better.  It really kicked my butt!  Thanks for the comments.

After we renovated our closet and bathroom, I bought new wood hangers for our clothes.  I liked the uniform look, and they were sturdy.  After a while, I noticed our clothes drooping and sliding off the hangers.  


I saw these velvet hangers on some other DIY blogs.  Since I no longer watch HGTV, I have to get my organizing and decorating fix elsewhere.

These velvet hangers are grippy and slim. 
My clothes.  Taste the rainbow!

I really like them!  I bought a five pack for $5.99 at Walmart.  The brand is Canopy.  

What kind of hangers do you have?  Do you like them?  How are they working for you?


Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging said...

Great choice. I never "got" the wooden hanger thing. They take up space, cost more money, look too manly, and as you point out, don't keep clothing in place.

I didn't know they were so economical, almost on par with plastic. They're on my Walmart list now.

Marcia said...

I'll take your wooden hangers LOL

I'm still stuck in wire hanger and plastic breakage hanger land :D

the cape on the corner said...

i've got those hangers, but i got mine from bed bath and beyond. i feel like the closet looks so much nicer, and i think i can fit more things, too. glad to see another convert.

Rebecca said...

We have plastic hangers, mostly white and black but some other colors thrown in. Now I really want those velvet hangers, all sleek and matching. Maybe I'll slowly replace our current hangers, DH wouldn't see the point in changing them but he probably wouldn't notice for a while either.

Scrappy Gal said...

We have both plastic & wooden! Kiddos have plastic & it works well for them.

We love the wooden if you are going to toss them, save them for us :)

Amanda Kuzak said...

I love the velvet hangers and use them ALL of the time with my organizing clients. I get them at Costco at a price that can't be beat, glad yo made the switch!

Brenda said...

I have them and I love them.

wooden coat hangers said...

Those hangers are wonderful!

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