Monday, October 10, 2011

How to Insulate Around a Window, Handy Man Style

It's been wicked warm here in New England, so we threw all the windows open.  Wheee!  Enjoy it while it lasts!

I've been pestering Handy Man about the window in the upstairs bathroom.  I thought maybe the weather stripping needed to be fixed. In cold weather, an icy breeze rips through that suckerTurns out, he needed to put some insulation around it. 

First, carefully take off the existing trim with a pry bar, so you don't break it and cause more work for yourself later.

Next, gaze in wonder at the huge gap around the window, and wonder why you never fixed it before.
Notice you can see the shed from this window

Gather some insulation from the basement that you've been storing for ages, telling your wife that you'd need it "someday."  Stuff it into crack.  Feel smug about finally using the insulation.
Take a pneumatic brad nailer, and nail the pieces of trim back up.

Leave a small pile of sawdust under the window for your wife to vacuum. 

Finally, smile and walk away when Crafty Woman says she has to fill the new holes and the cracks in the trim, 'cuz now she has something to add to her to-do list.

Edited to add: Handy Man informs me that he's been keeping that insulation since we lived in our first house...which was between 1996-2000!

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Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging said...

Why do handymen leave that sawdust pile behind? Is it like peeing on the shrubs? Marking territory? That must be it.

Hydrangeas and Harmony said...

I laughed out loud because this is exactly how our small DIY house fixes go down. After our recent move though, my hubby has been being more selective about what he keeps for "future" use. I think in fear that if we ever move again, it'll be more for him to pack. LOL Hoping this fix makes your winter snug and cozy!

labbie1 said...

LOL I just LOVE the tongue in cheek directions! :)

I also LOVE Pin Overalls' comment! LOL

The Rooster and The Hen said...

That sounds like projects around here lol! I'm your newest follower, love a follow back. Love your site!

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