Monday, October 3, 2011

Antique Finds

Whoops.  I worked on this post this morning, but instead of hitting eight something AM, I hit PM.  Then I went and did a bunch of stuff.  Then I came back tonight, and thought:

Where is my post?!

Oh.  Here it is.  Sitting in draft.

Also, for those who use Blogger: I'm having a lot of trouble with my "About Us" page.  It's mostly complete, but I wanted to add something to it.  Every time I try to edit the page, I get an error that says the number "500."  

Anyone know what that's about?  I've tried to edit the page, on and off for a couple of weeks now.  I can't find a reference to this error on sites about Blogger, either.  How annoying! 

I'm also having problems uploading photos today.  Guess I'm having a bad blogging day!

I wanted to show some things we found while antique shopping, recently.  

I love this little vignette.  Look at the wee little pumpkin tea set. 

Metal roller skates!! Raise your hand if you had these.  If you raise your hands, you're old.  

Yes, I actually had metal roller skates.  Not quite like this, but my first pair was metal.  I learned how to rollerskate on metal skates.  They made a terrible racket on the pavement

Look, a book about sheds!  Believe it or not, I love to buy old books for wicked cheap at antique stores.  Of course, you can find a lot of expensive, rare-ish books in antique stores.  But sometimes, you'll find books with nice photography and art work that are only about 10 or 20 years old.  Not really antiques, but you should check it out, if you like books.   
Yet more proof that I'm Old.  A doll I used to have, in an antique store.  I had the Ronald McDonald doll on the right.

Not the Burger King guy, he's just creepy.

I know clowns can be creepy, but I like Ronald. 
You KNOW you're old when you see toys from your childhood in antique shops

How about you?  Have you ever seen toys or items from your childhood in an antique store? 


Just One Donna said...

Hi there. I loved this post. Isn't fun to go in search of antiques? I recently went antiquing in Putnam, CT. What a fun day. I didn't buy, but I had great fun looking.

Marianne said...

I love your vignette! The tea set is so cute. You think you're old? Ronald McDonald didn't exist when I was a kid!

Anonymous said...

I admit it. I had metal skates. I also had a BK doll. Not scary!

Grammy Goodwill said...

Can I put my hand down so I can admit that I had metal roller skates?

Elaine said...

I had metal roller skates, too, but they had toe clamps that loosened up when I skated. I had more painful falls from that than I ever had riding my two-wheeler. But skating was such fun!

labbie1 said...

Yeah...I find them...and I also find toys like Strawberry Shortcake in the antique stores which were in my niece's generation. Thanks so much for taking me down the OLD road! Guess I'll hobble on down to see if I can find my

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