Friday, September 30, 2011

Shrink Ray Guns and Other Stuff

I haven't felt like posting on Fridays recently, but I thought I'd try something new.  I've been wanting to post some off-topic things, and I think I'll do it once in a while, on Fridays.  

I should have a button made, perhaps.  We'll see how this goes. 

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I just wanted to share a conversation I had with Handy Boy (10) on the way to school today.  He says some of the most random things in the  car.  I'm constantly amazed about the stuff he thinks up.  

Today, he said: "When I grow up, I'm going to invent a shrink ray gun."

"Really?" I said.  "What else are you going to invent?"

I thought I'd hear a pause here, but he said:  "A time machine touch."

"A time machine wha?"

"A time machine touch.  Like an ipod touch.  It's a time machine, and it has a little control panel."

(Please don't sue me, Apple people.)

Then he said: "I'm also going to invent a tiny engine for Hot Wheels cars."


He sighed, exasperated.  "So people who have shrunk themselves with the shrink ray gun have something to ride around in."

Oh.  But of course!

I asked him to draw a picture of the shrink ray gun.  He knew exactly what he wanted it to look like.



Katie said...

Too funny!

Grammy Goodwill said...

Oh, I love this story. Wouldn't it make a great creative writing assignment? I hope he keeps that sense of creativity and free thinking as he grows up.

Beaver said...

Brilliant!! He's awesome! :)

Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging said...

Too much! He has it all figured out, doesn't he?

I like the free-for-all Friday idea. Especially if there are more stories like this. And illustrations like this.

Anna@Directions Not Included said...

That made me laugh. Such a cute and bright kid!

Tanya Anurag said...

Time Machine TOUCH... hahaha :) He is so full of ideas at such a young age. I am sure he's gonna be very successful. Best wishes to the Smart Boy :)

Hey, how about- Handy Man, Crafty Woman, Smarty Boy!! ;)

Shabby Marilyn said...

Hello, new follower, just linked up, thanks for hosting! Come visit and hope to see you following!

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