Friday, July 29, 2011

Smashing Bathroom Ideas, Baby

I decided that I wanted to talk about the retro pink bathroom post again today.  On Monday, I posted a photo and a question from a reader who was considering buying a house that had a bathroom with retro pink tiles.  She said it looked similar to this:

She asked for ideas about quick fixes for a bathroom like this.  The other post also lists our suggestions for quick spruce-upsHowever, I was impressed with the great ideas that some of our readers had. 
Smashing ideas baby, yeaaaaaah!
Here are some (edited) comments from a few readers about how to deal with the space.  Some of our readers suggested "working with it" and decorating the bath retro style.  Others suggested working with it and waiting until she could gut the whole thing.  Some readers gave ideas about how to cover the tile, without having to pull it down, which makes a huge mess.

Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging said...We replaced the toilet and sink, and brought in a tile refinisher to paint the walls and ceiling. This was in NJ and I believe it cost about $1,000. It took the man less than a day. Then we laid a laminate slate-like floor. It looked fabulous. 

I've painted tubs with epoxy and you don't want to do it. Smelly, and not that durable after a few years. 

The DIY Show Off said... No advice from me as we've never painted tile either. I think your advice covers what I'd say too. However, I'm not a fan of pink tiles either BUT I do love how Mike and Katrina made the best of it until it's in the budget to make a more permanent change.

fran said... That type of tile is really thick and behind it you will find something similar to chicken wire (only more stiff). When they built them back then they didn't want them to come down. We had this in our bath. If you hate the pink tile, it is best, in my opinion, to have it ripped out but expect high labor costs as it is extremely difficult to get out. Also expect tons of dust.  
adventuresindinner said... Wait until you can do it really well. In the meantime; a fresh coat of paint, a fifties inspired shower curtain and really funky towels. Why not play the time warp up and go aqua and chunks of black?

YellowRose said...Check out what Mabel's House did with pink tile using a "Mary Englebreit" style - vintage, but fresh too. 

Ann said... I love the vintage tile, but hey that's me. I saw somewhere in blogland where they actually covered the tile with beadboard and molding trim.  It worked, and they didn't have to demo anything. Painting tile? Nah, don't. Our current home had painted tile and it looks hideous..and it WILL peel if you use the bathroom on a regular basis. I say, embrace it and try the beadboard thing.

Great ideas everyone!! If you have a question or would like an opinion on a DIY project from us or our readers, you can post to our Facebook page, or send us an email.


Red Hill General Store said...

Definitely some great ideas! I love seeing the retro bathrooms. Amazing how much styles and tastes have changed over the years.

Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging said...

I think she should keeping looking for a house she loves.

Susan said...

ok, does anyone else think it's funny that if you click on the embedded links in this post that the first one got RID of their yellow paint on the walls, and the 2nd one ADDED yellow to the walls?

Wendie said...

You can make pink tile work! I just finished redecorating my 1950's pink tiled bathroom.

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