Thursday, July 28, 2011

New England Summer Thursday

This is the fifth in our series of six posts about New England.  I wanted to share some info about covered bridges, especially New Hampshire covered bridges.
Covered bridge in Jackson, New Hampshire
  • There are 750 covered bridges in the United States.  About 54 of the remaining 750 are located in New Hampshire.
  • Pennsylvania has more covered bridges (over 200) than any other state.
  • Vermont and New Hampshire have more covered bridges per square mile than any  place in the world.
  • Over 400 bridges once stood in New Hampshire.
  • The Bath-Haverhill bridge in Woodsville Village, New Hampshire is the country's oldest continuously used bridge.  It was built in 1829.
  • The Smolen-Gulf bridge in Ohio is the longest covered bridge in the United States at 613 feet long.
Have you ever seen a covered bridge?  Do you live near one?


Marcia said...

That one was actually hit by a teen driver in the wintertime. The doofus did enough damage that it had to be closed down. Dunno if it's open yet even.


Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

Found this dated March 3.

JACKSON, N.H. (AP) — A historic New Hampshire covered bridge — damaged when a car crashed into it last month — is once again open to traffic.

The Honeymoon Bridge, which spans the Ellis River in Jackson, underwent $12,000 in repairs. The work finished Thursday, allowing traffic to resume.

Built in 1876, the truss bridge got its name because many newlyweds chose to have their photographs taken at it.

Anonymous said...

yes, they are charming and remind me of an America that my grandparents probably knew well. On a trip once to Vermont & New Hampshire, I fell in love with the town of Woodstock, VT were there were numerous covered bridges. Looks like you had a splendid time in New England :)

Just One Donna said...

I love finding the covered bridges in New Hampshire. So lovely and so New England.

Kathy C. said...

I need to visit the Ohio bridge...I have no excuse living in the same state!

Suesan said...

I used to live by the Staunton Covered bridge, between Piqua and Troy, Ohio. We'd often go out of our way to drive over it for the kids. We have a smaller covered bridge near us now on the eastern side of the state, but I still love the Staunton bridge.

Sam @ The Junk House said...

The only time I've ever seen a covered bridge was when we were in New Hampshire!

Nan @ Playful Decor said...

I grew up in New England so saw them throughout my childhood - I never tire of them! Are you in NH?

the cape on the corner said...

love this! this makes me ache for fall, and now i'm remembering a covered bridge tour with my bubbie. i wish i wasn't a bratty child when she took me, but rather an adult who could appreciate the beauty. oh well. at least i cherished our time together.

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