Friday, June 10, 2011

No Power!

Hello everyone,

I haven't been able to post as usual for Friday morning, since our power has been out since 4:30 pm last night!

A huge thunderstorm came through, with high winds.  The lights flickered, and then the power and cable were out, waaaaah!!  We did run our generator for a while last night, but shut it off when we went to bed.  Handy Man doesn't like to run ours while we are sleeping. 

The power never came back on, so now all the food in our fridge is melted and bad, I'm sure.

That's life in the boonies.

I haven't been able to respond to emails or go visit people who linked up to our party, or get my post up for Friday.  The only reason I'm online now is that Handy Man is going in to work a bit later, he's running the generator for a short time.  Also, the internet is back up!  My computer is charging, but I'm not sure when I'll be able to put up my Friday post.

This makes me think of the time we had no power for five days in the winter! 

AAaaack, the fire alarm beeped; we thought that meant the lights were going back on.  False alarm!  We'll have to check out that alarm...

I'll be back when I can. 


gin said...

Oh no! I don't know if you're a Friends fan (the show) but this reminds me of the time their power went out and Joey made it his personal mission to eat everything in the fridge before it went bad...soo funny. Maybe a task for Handy Boy? :)
I hope everything turns out okay for you; no power is the worst. When ours goes out, it makes our alarm go off, which scares the everloving fool out of our cat. (Quite funny, actually.)

Kaesmom said...

Well that would explain the text message last night vs. an email. :) I hope it comes back on soon for you. We never lost ours -- it blinked, but that was it.

Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging said...

Here's your chance to relax and recharge your own batteries. You don't get that excuse very often.

Nicole said...

No! The food in your fridge and freezer should be good for 24 hours at least if you don't open the doors and the fridge is pretty full (it all acts together to keep things cold.) You should have 48 hours at least in the freezer, again if it's full.

Believe me, when we were out of power for five days after the tornadoes we learned a lot about how long things last. Even if you can afford to hook up your fridge/freezer to the generator for about an hour a day that will keep it cold enough to preserve what's in there. Just don't open it!!

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