Friday, May 27, 2011

Roses and Pollen and Allergies, Oh My!

We recently went to a local nursery to look at flowers and trees.  The nursery was huge, it was waaaay larger than it looked from the street.  

We walked down aisles of flowers, shrubs, and trees, trees and more trees!  We talked about some work that we want to do in our yard this summer.  

The grass needs some help, so we're talking about that.  I'd also love to add some flowers, but I have "The Black Thumb of Death" so it's not a great idea.  But I can still look, right? 

The weather for the next several days looks great, so we're hoping to finally do some outside chores, after all the rain. 

Like: cleaning the pollen off of my car that had just been washed fifteen minutes earlier.  
Sighhh...Oh Handy Man, Why did you even bother?!
We are coughing and sneezing up a storm from the pollen.  The boys seem to be affected the worst.  My throat feels like I've been swallowing sand.  A coat of yellow dust is all over the house...great! 

Don't forget, there's still time to enter a project in our Wicked Awesome Wednesday Link party #13, which I accidentally posted on Thursday.  (oops).

What are your plans for Memorial Day weekend? Do you have an extra day off for the holiday? Are your allergies killing you right now? We feel for you!


Scrappy Gal said...

Same here....the pollen is horrendous! I wiped the whole house down yesterday and put the ac on a low setting to keep away the pollen. The boys are miserable, I'm mildly affected, but I take allergy meds....but like you mentioned, it's mostly my throat.

Becky@Organizing Made Fun said...

Wow...your pollen IS bad. Ours looks like that but back in March, not May. We also have smog, and that smog looks just as bad {thickness} but it's dark brown. Would you like to trade? Bleh! My kiddos and hubby are very allergic to all that pollen - I am fortunate enough to be okay. Be careful!

Becky B.
Organizing Made Fun

Just One Donna said...

Our pollen is horrendous as well. I've been hosing down our outdoor furniture daily. We also have a continuous shower of brown beards falling from the many oak trees around our house. There is one right by our back deck that is adding to my frustration in keeping the deck presentable. As for the roses, you should just go for it. Practice will turn that black thumb green. :)

Barn Weddings said...

Wow! I just love the roses so much. I have flowers at home and I do adore looking at them everyday.

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