Friday, April 15, 2011

Yard Work - Hooray!

At least, hooray for Handy Man.  He was so excited that the temperature got above 40 (har har), so he could have a chance to do some outside work.  

Here he is, taking the glass inserts out of the exterior doors, and putting in the screens. 

There were trees that needed to be cut down from winter storms. 

Handy Man put gas in his chainsaw and worked on getting it ready.

We dragged the branches into the woods, and made a pile.  It's convenient to have woods in the backyard.

After a while, the pile of brush, leaves and twigs will decompose, and get smaller.

Anyone else doing yard work this weekend?

For those who are wondering: yes, the snirt pile is still there!  It has shrunk quite a bit.  Thanks for all the comments and entries for the contest.  Comments have been turned off; we're going to be on "snirt watch" now.  

Also, I told Handy Boy that he should NOT jump on the snirt pile, or ride his bike through it...because I guess that's a fun thing to do.  He said "Awwwww!"
I told him that it can't be destroyed, it has to melt naturally.  

"For the blog contest, right?" he said.

The Boy pays attention! 


Dave @ Transform My Home said...

Sad to see the birch tree didn't make it. They are so beautiful but don't hold up well to lots of snow and ice.

Anonymous said...

We were planning on planting some Yes yesterday, but with the freezing cold and rain, that didn't happen. Maybe today.

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