Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wicked Awesome Sponsors

I usually talk about my sponsors on Sundays, but I've been having so much trouble with blogger this week, especially on Sunday.  Anyone else having trouble or was it just me?  Please take a look at our great sponsors (and don't forget, our link party is still up):

Barbara from DIY Home Staging shares great information about how to prepare your house for a sale: cleaning, decorating, lighting, landscaping, and much more! She wrote an informative guest post for us with tips about remodeling a house to sell.

Laila and Heather are co-founders and co-authors of Significantly Simple.  Though quite different from each other, they share a passion for their children and families and the environment. They created Significantly Simple as a means of helping others to live a simple, but significant life.  They write about the environment, words that move them, and fabulous finds, and more.

Becky from Organizing Made Fun is just that...a blog that makes organizing fun, inspiring, and motivating! Becky features projects she's working on around the house, and gives tips and great sites she finds that can help you get more organized.

Stephanie is a stay-at-home mom who has just started an Etsy store, Goodies by Grenier, which features a variety of homemade goodies.  
Tiny Prints specializes in customized photo cards, stationery, holiday cards and invitations, with unique and exclusive designs for all occasions.  They have the cutest baby announcements and wedding invitations.  

Tiny Prints is offering FREE SHIPPING on orders of $49 or more for a limited time with the code FREESHIP, see their site for details.


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