Friday, March 18, 2011

Guest Post by Organizing Made Fun

I'm guest posting today on Organizing Made Fun, one of my favorite organizing sites.  
I asked Becky to guest post here today, to show you one of her organizing projects.  Check out this cute dresser that she found on Craigslist. 

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I'm Becky, from Organizing Made Fun.  It is so fun to blog swap blog posts today with Laurie!  I love to organize - everything!  I have an organizational mind that is constantly trying to come up with better ways to make things work in my house.

We have this problem area.  I bet you have one too, right? It's our entry, drop all your stuff, entry room desk {it's our very awkward room}!

See, it's a mess.  I had gotten this cute desk years ago, it was great and I gave my husband the top, right drawer to throw all his junk into when he got home from work or wherever.  That worked for a few months.  Then, he took over "my" drawer which was the one underneath.  Anyway, after many years it just still isn't working like I had hoped!  So, I decided that it was time to try something new.

On the left is our shelf with hooks and bench with kids baskets!
I bought this dresser on Craig's List for $65.  It is so beautiful - fits in well with our 1940's home.  I wanted something old, but that I could re-do.  So, I got to work on this beautiful dresser!

I took it apart, stripped the varnish and primed it.  I took off the hardware - really pretty hardware!  I spray painted the hardware metallic silver and painted the whole dresser black.  Then, I laid out old piano music on top and used Mod Podge on it. See...I even added a piece of glass on top for durability.
Added glass top and phone charging area...

Then, I figured out where I would put everything and got to work:

See how I mapped out where to put everything!

Drawer #1 - to replace hubby's pile that had formed from the drawer to the top of the old desk.

You can see I put a couple of plastic organizing trays for him to put his books he's reading or paperwork and other misc. things he brings in. Then, drawer #2:
Mail on the left, home improvement receipts on the right.

Drawer #3 is the biggy!

And, drawer #4:
This drawer doesn't have much...which I love!  I only have a few craft supplies, a couple more trays, and some large notebooks.  So, we've conquered an area that has bothered me for years!  Sometimes you have to think out of the box and come up with solutions using things you wouldn't normally.

Please come by for more organizing inspiration. Where my popular posts include: 15 minutes a day of cleaning, how I organized my weight loss & my finances & vacation, as well as the many home improvement projects I've tackled.   Thanks, Laurie!


S. Greiner said...

I also read your post at Organizing Made Fun! Love the swaps :) Thanks for sharing.

Kymberly Foster Seabolt said...

Girl you are GOOD! I have a few little projects like that to get to around the house and you've really inspired me.

Thank you!

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