Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wicked Awesome Wednesday #5

Today, Jenn from IHeart Organizing is featuring our laundry closet on her blog!  If you love organizing, or just looking at photos of organized spaces, you'll love her site.
IHeart Organizing
Hello and welcome to new readers from IHeart Organizing!  We hope you'll stay a while, and have a look around.

It's time for another Wicked Awesome Wednesday post!  We've had so many great projects link up. 

Here are a few projects that caught my eye last week:

Sharon at Elizabeth & Co. took what she called a "horrible brown blob" and turned it into this finished project:

Jenn from Live Green Love Much decorated her mantel with a springy theme, using items from around the house, and costing $0!

Mary from Making Family Life Fun has a recipe (along with a picture of a cutie!) making Ritz and Peanut Putter S'mores.

Steph at Crafting in the Rain made the cutest sign for her laundry room using a $1.50 piece of wood, and other materials she had around the house:

Two very cute, crafty Easter bunnies by Michelle from At Home With Michelle.

Jae at The Chronicles of all things Mommy made the cutest "snazzy sandwich" for her children's lunch.  Handy Boy loved this!

Jen from Mama Schell Says made these wicked awesome looking Snickers cupcakes...drool! 

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Monday, March 28, 2011

HandiRamp Tread Installation

- By Handy Man

We'd like to review a new (to us) product for you.  A special thank you to Patty Brehm at Handi-Ramp for sending us six non slip silver treads for us to try out.

The snow is starting to melt, so I decided it was time to start working on an outdoor project.  This weekend, I installed the treads on my shed ramp.  

Ever since I finished the shed last fall, I’ve wanted something to provide grip on the ramp.  The ramp is in the shade all day, and dampness causes it to get a bit slick, which can be dangerous when moving my equipment in and out.

This project took about half an hour to complete.  The tools required were: a measuring tape, a rafter square, and a Dewalt cordless drill.  The fasteners I used to anchor the treads were 1 and 5/8 inch stainless steel decking screws, which we picked up at Lowe’s.

The first step was marking the layout.  The ramp has 12 boards, and I was installing 6 treads. I measured and marked the center of every other board on the ramp.  Using my rafter square, I then traced a straight line across the width of the boards.

The treads have pre-drilled mounting holes for easy installation.  Aligning the treads for fastening was as simple as lining up the center mounting holes with the line I had just marked on the boards.  The treads were a little bowed, so I anchored the center first and then worked towards each end.  This was to ensure that they would lie flat against the wood.

These treads were exactly what I needed, and they were also a breeze to install.  Please visit Handi-Ramp for the complete line of residential and industrial products, all made right here in the USA since 1958.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wicked Awesome Sponsors

Wow, we've been having a very interesting discussion about the HGTV's TV show Property Virgins.  I'm going to start a new discussion over on our Facebook page, so we can keep talking about it there, and interact more, if you'd like.

I'd also love to give a shout out to our awesome sponsors:

If you haven't seen an Avon catalog for a while, you should check out my friend Cynthia's site.  In addition to makeup and skin care, they also offer jewelry, home products, and shirts, shoes and handbags.  

The Sunburnt Cow Handmade Shop features several artisans who sell their handmade items online.  Mainly geared towards prim decor, the blog will be expanding to include a wide variety of handmade goodies. 

I recently came across this pretty blog, DIY Home Staging Tips.  Barbara has some wonderful tips on how to prepare your house for a sale: cleaning, decorating, lighting and landscaping. Watch for a guest post from Barbara coming in April.

Stacy from Not Just a Housewife has such a fun blog! She's a great writer, and talks about cleaning, craft projects, decorating, recipes, kid's activities and more. 

Stephanie at Goodies by Greiner has a cute Etsy shop.  She sells mini chip board albums, cards and altered journals, among other things.  She even sent me a couple of her cute projects as a thank you.

Becky's Clean Mama Etsy shop has the best printables.  If you need help organizing your household chores, cleaning, grocery shopping or blogging, Clean Mama can really help you out.    

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Friday, March 25, 2011

I Hate HGTV's Property Virgins

Google Images

Have you ever seen this show?  First, I hate the name of the show: PROPERTY VIRGINS.  Also, I'm not a fan of the host, Sandra.  I do not like how she makes fun of the poor little "virgin" buyers.   

First, she asks them what budget they have for house hunting.  Let's say the couple has a budget of $250,000.  Next, she brings them to a wicked nice neighborhood, and says "What do you think?"  

The virgins drool and wow and say "Oh, we'd love to live here!"

Then the bomb gets dropped: Sandra tells them "Oh, you can't afford to live here; these houses cost over $500,000!"

Gee, thanks.  Thanks for nothing! 
"Oh, you like this house?  Too bad, it's waaaaay out of YOUR price range, VIRGIN!"

Then she finally brings them to a house that is in their price range.  The "virgins" go through the house without a realtor to answer their questions...then, the real fun begins.  Here's where it starts to turn into a game show.  Sandra makes them guess how much the house costs. 

"$200,000?" they ask.

"NOPE," she'll answer, all giddy.

$250,000?" they ask, timidly.


Then the poor virgins have to beg for the price: "Well, how much does it cost?"

"THIS house is $265,000!" she says, gleefully. 

She will also say things like "BOY, are you bad at guessing these prices!"  Again, what's with the guessing?  

Why does she make these poor people guess how much the house is?  I'd never look at a house without knowing the exact price.  Also: Why does she sometimes take them to houses that are over their budget??

What kind of a premise is this for a TV show?!?!?

Handy Man laughs at me and says: "It's just a stupid TV show!"  I know; these shows are staged and not realistic.  Lately, every time this show comes on, we groan and change the channel.  We just can't stand it anymore.  

Have you ever seen this show?  What do you think about it? 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Coloring on Furniture With Markers

Doesn't that sound like a lot of fun?  And so naughty?

I'd been noticing that some of our furniture is a bit dinged up from wear and tear.  We had been trying to figure out the easiest way to fix the dings, without too much work.  I found this idea on a blog (I forget which one, sorry!). 

Furniture pens!

We went to Lowe's and bought some Homax Wood Stain Marker Pens.  They were about $5 each.

Ooooh, an action shot!

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The Classified Mom is a fun blog with arts and crafts for moms and kids; she talks about parenting and has reviews and giveaways.  She is also having a "blog hop".
Classified: Mom
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NEW POST coming tomorrow.  I've been wicked tired the last several days...I attended a scrapbook retreat on the coast of Maine.
How would you like to sit and watch this view?

We ate, scrapbooked, talked, laughed, ate and scrapped some more.  It was a lot of fun.  I'm exhausted, and trying to catch up with some chores, errands and blogging.  Handy Boy and Handy Man had some fun "guy time" without mama.
We'll have a new post tomorrow.  Don't forget about our Wicked Awesome Wednesday link party coming up tomorrow after midnight.

See you tomorrow!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Felt Dahlia Tutorial from Blissful Meandering

Krysti from Blissful Meandering linked up a beautiful felt tutorial that I wanted to share.  What a pretty little model she has!

*        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *
Last week I found this awesome tutorial on Holidash for making a dahlia, which is one of my favorite flowers.   Something about the shape and curves in the flower, make it so beautiful.  The tutorial on Holidash is a Mother's Day pin and is really beautiful. So, I decided to try a version for myself.

This is my beautiful Model / Daughter, Mia!
I had to bribe Mia with a tea party to get her to model for me.

She loves hot tea.  You may notice that her dress doesn't exactly match the beautiful hair accessory I made for her.  She is currently dressed (in a Repunzel dress) for the ball that will ensue when her daddy gets home.  

There are not many supplies needed for this project. I made paper templates in three different sizes. I was not precise with mine, but the Holidash tutorial says that they made the petals 1.5 inch, 1.25 inch and 1 inch.  You also need a sheet of felt, a glue gun and glue sticks, scissors and pinking shears.
The first thing I did was cut out all of the petals.  I pinned the paper template to the felt and cut each of them out.

I cut out 12 large ones, 10 medium ones and 10 small ones.  

Once they are all cut, I put a line of hot glue along the flat edge of the petal.  Then fold the sides to the center.

This takes a little time, but eventually all of them are done.

In the original tutorial they used fabric glue and placed a pot on top of the folded petals until they dried. Personally, I don't have the patience to wait for glue to dry, so I used hot glue.

I found that if I just used a small amount and held it down for a few seconds using my fingernails that I didn't burn my fingers at all.  There is a bit of glue that squeezed out, but those portions will be covered up in the finished flower.

The next step is to cut out a 3 inch felt circle using scissors.  Then a 2 inch felt circle using pinking shears.  The final thing that you need to cut is a .50 inch x 4 inch strip of felt, cutting one side with pinking shears.

Roll the strip of felt and set aside.  Begin constructing the flower, but gluing the largest petals along the outside of the scissor cut 3 inch circle.

Continue gluing petals until they are all the way around the circle. 

Then begin the next row toward the center using the medium sized petals. 

After placing the third row using the smallest petals, put a drop of glue in the middle of the flower.  Place the circle cut with the pinking shears over the center of the flower and push it down into the middle of the flower.  Finally glue the rolled felt piece into the middle of the flower.  

This will cover any exposed glue and hide the construction of the flower.  

My final step was to glue a clippie covered with velvet ribbon on the back.  

Here are some more shots of my completed flower and my beautiful model.

I have made two of these flowers now, one for practice and one for the tutorial.  I can't wait to experiment with the other things I can use them for.
*        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *
Thanks so much, Krysti, for sharing your tutorial with us!  If you have a craft tutorial, recipe, renovation or project that fits in with our blog, send us an email if you'd like to be featured and we'll talk. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Guest Post by Organizing Made Fun

I'm guest posting today on Organizing Made Fun, one of my favorite organizing sites.  
I asked Becky to guest post here today, to show you one of her organizing projects.  Check out this cute dresser that she found on Craigslist. 

Grab Button small

I'm Becky, from Organizing Made Fun.  It is so fun to blog swap blog posts today with Laurie!  I love to organize - everything!  I have an organizational mind that is constantly trying to come up with better ways to make things work in my house.

We have this problem area.  I bet you have one too, right? It's our entry, drop all your stuff, entry room desk {it's our very awkward room}!

See, it's a mess.  I had gotten this cute desk years ago, it was great and I gave my husband the top, right drawer to throw all his junk into when he got home from work or wherever.  That worked for a few months.  Then, he took over "my" drawer which was the one underneath.  Anyway, after many years it just still isn't working like I had hoped!  So, I decided that it was time to try something new.

On the left is our shelf with hooks and bench with kids baskets!
I bought this dresser on Craig's List for $65.  It is so beautiful - fits in well with our 1940's home.  I wanted something old, but that I could re-do.  So, I got to work on this beautiful dresser!

I took it apart, stripped the varnish and primed it.  I took off the hardware - really pretty hardware!  I spray painted the hardware metallic silver and painted the whole dresser black.  Then, I laid out old piano music on top and used Mod Podge on it. See...I even added a piece of glass on top for durability.
Added glass top and phone charging area...

Then, I figured out where I would put everything and got to work:

See how I mapped out where to put everything!

Drawer #1 - to replace hubby's pile that had formed from the drawer to the top of the old desk.

You can see I put a couple of plastic organizing trays for him to put his books he's reading or paperwork and other misc. things he brings in. Then, drawer #2:
Mail on the left, home improvement receipts on the right.

Drawer #3 is the biggy!

And, drawer #4:
This drawer doesn't have much...which I love!  I only have a few craft supplies, a couple more trays, and some large notebooks.  So, we've conquered an area that has bothered me for years!  Sometimes you have to think out of the box and come up with solutions using things you wouldn't normally.

Please come by for more organizing inspiration. Where my popular posts include: 15 minutes a day of cleaning, how I organized my weight loss & my finances & vacation, as well as the many home improvement projects I've tackled.   Thanks, Laurie!

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