Thursday, February 24, 2011

Love Me Some Home Goods

I recently went shopping with a friend to a nearby Home Goods store.  Finally, a Home Goods store opened about 30 minutes from us.  Woot!

While we prefer to buy antique furniture (or have Handy Man build it), I do love the decorating accessories in stores like this.  Sometimes, I just love going through the store to get decorating ideas from their displays.

Fortunately, my friend Sarah wasn't embarrassed that I took pictures in Home someone else we know, whose name rhymes with, let's say...Candy Dan.

I'm loving the black and white that I see in a lot of accessories right now.  It's too bad I don't need any boxes or bins, at the moment...

I also like the various blues that are popping up in home decor.  Light blues, medium blues, deep blues, blue patterns...

Black and white again...with BRIGHT pink interiors.  Wow.  
These vases had rolled up pieces of paper (I think?) on them.  Interesting, and very intricate.  I've seen these around blogland, too.  I can't imagine making one of these!

You just have to love the lampal variety at Home Goods.  Yes, I made up a word: lampal.  Tall lamps, short lamps, even lamps with green flowers:
 Sarah just loved that green lamp, too. 

You might be wondering if I bought anything.  Of course I did!  I bought this wrought iron plate rack, marked down to $9.99.  I had been looking for another wrought iron plate rack, but couldn't find one that didn't cost about $60!  

Here it is, just propped against the wall so I could get a picture.  It will eventually hold Fiesta Ware plates, of course.

I bought it to go with this other plate rack that I'm using in the (mostly undecorated for now) family room.  
Oh yes, and I bought a pack of four cute, yellow ramekins for only $10.99.  I found a dessert I wanted to make that required ramekins, but I didn't have any.  I almost picked up white ones, but then I thought "Hey, my other dishes aren't white!" (See above photo).

Do you have a Home Goods nearby?  Do you like it?  What other stores do you like to shop in for home-y goods? 

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Becky@OrganizingMadeFun said...

Our closest Home Goods closed - can you believe it? It was in a really weird place where you had to walk across the street and couldn't take your cart - bring your car in front and load it up. I'm guessing that's partly the problem. We have another one about 20 minutes from me - near my hubby's work so I'm going to head out there soon! It does have the best lamps, too! I got a couple in my family room that are darling!

Becky B.
Organizing Made Fun

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute stuff! That's a good price on the plate rack. There's a Home Goods about an hour away, so I haven't been there. One of these days I'll get by there.

Nicole said...

I'm ashamed to say I have no idea if there's a Home Goods nearby (of course I only moved here four months ago!) but I am going to find out. Those zebra stripe boxes with the pink interior would fit PERFECTLY in DD10's bedroom. I *need* them! Thanks for taking pics and sharing!

Susan said...

Oh, I love HomeGoods & find a lot of accessories there, too!
- Susan

Jennifer said...

I have Home Goods envy! Our closest one is over 90 minutes away and I've never been. Never!!! Those yellow ramekins will go great with your Fiestaware. The scalloped edges are great!

Tammy said...

where did you get your plate rack? Home Goods? i need one just like it. i have four plates and i can't find one i can afford.

i'm your newest follower, great blog.

MeMeSue said...

I LOVE Home Goods!! There are two not too far from me. One is about 20 mins and the other about 45 mins. Also check out Marshalls they have some home decoration stuff there also. I also love to shop at Michaels Crafts where you can pick up quite a bit of Shabby Chicish stuff too.

Great finds!


Heaven's Walk - said...

Just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog the other day and leaving your sweet comment! It's so much fun meeting new blog friends and sharing ideas! :)

I WISH there was a Home Goods store by me. The closest thing I have is a Hobby Lobby, Michael's and TJ Maxx which I think I could spend all day wandering around in. lol!

Have a great weekend!

xoxo laurie

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

We finally got a Home Goods in our area about a year ago. It is quite a bit smaller than others I have been in but it beats driving two hours. Great buy on the plate rack and the ramekins are really cute.

Jo Ann said...

We don't have a Home GOods withint 100 miles of us, but we did get TJMaxx which is part of the same business and that's where I buy all my dishes! I love TJMAXX!!!!!!

Pink Overalls said...

I had to laugh at your comments about photographing in a store. I always wonder if management knows I plan to go home and DIY their stuff. And do they care?

You and I have the same infatuations. I swoon over black and white patterns, and the blue patterns you show. Target has a bunch of bright blue and white decor items now.

CannyCole said...

LOooove HOME GOODS!!! I can seriously LIVE there! I love their bedding...and i love going into the find all the clearance items. I always find something i can use!! I try to stay much as possible though...that place is no good for my wallet. :) Enjoy your new purchases. Love to see what you make in your ramkin cups!

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Oh I love Home Goods too! I can get lost perusing in there for hours!!Love your finds- and great prices too! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

the cape on the corner said...

i looooove homegoods! i call it my mecca!

kasthurirajam said...


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