Thursday, January 6, 2011

You Dirty Girls (and Boys!)

I just had to post and say wow! You are a bunch of very dirty girls (and boys!)

My post earlier this week on cleaning and organizing, Get Ready to Get Clean, has generated the largest number of comments we've ever received for one post. A whopping twenty-six comments as of the time I published this entry!

That's big for us. We're really excited about our recent blog growth, and for all the new readers that have found us lately. Welcome!

By the way, the title of that post was a play on the Dirty Jobs catch phrase. I guess no one got that?
Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs, courtesy of Google images
For those of you without cable, or who might live in different countries (yes, we have readers from all over the world!)...Dirty Jobs is a show on The Discovery Channel. Host Mike Rowe travels all over the country to work on some of the dirtiest, smelliest work sites. We love this show.

I also posted about Clean Mama's January cleaning and organizing challenge. From the comments, it sounds like a lot of you need to clean and organize! (Don't worry, we have plenty of things to clean and organize around here.)


So while we are talking about cleaning and organizing, let's discuss in the comments: Have you started any of the cleaning or organizing projects that you wrote about in the previous post's comments? Or not? How are you doing?


Jenny Harris said...

LOVE Mike Rowe and Dirty Jobs. Mike is from my area (Baltimore), and actually used to be a singer. He sang in the Baltimore Opera for years, and he sang Barbershop style music (a cappella 4-part harmony) in the Baltimore region. So he's a local celebrity in my hobby (I'm a barbershop singer as well), and he shows up to local shows and events sometimes. He's a real cool, down to earth guy!

Congrats on your blog growth, happy to have found you!

Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

I knew that he used to be an Opera singer; I've heard him sing, he's great! He's so funny. He does seem like he would be a nice guy, "in real life."

Anonymous said...

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