Friday, January 14, 2011

Guest Post from Home Hinges

Today, April from Home Hinges is guest posting for us.  Welcome, April and family!

I Read Home Hinges

We at are so excited to share a little about ourselves and the projects we do here on the amazingly talented site of Handy Man, Crafty Woman. Thanks for this opportunity and for guest posting for us last week.

To start you off, we are five sisters with ages ranging over twenty years apart from the oldest (April) to the youngest (Squash), and we have a few brothers, spouses, kids, parents too. is our way of sharing with others all the fun and creative projects we're all working on.

April, our oldest sister, fills her days with life as a stay-at-home-mom to five kids. And when she finds a rare spare minute she uses the time to do everything from rescuing broken furniture from the side of the road like this TV cabinet transformation...
TV transformation making her own frames for her oil paintings...
Sunflower better color
bathroom final 

Last year she was thinking it would be fun to have some kind of group project for all of us sisters, and she came up with doing a blog. Her reasoning was that collectively we all do so many projects, why not share them with others. When she posed the idea we all thought it was great. So in July of 2010 we began

Brooke is our anchor. She is fun and funny and doesn’t get hung up on prices because she has a vision for what she wants and she knows what she likes. She's a lawyer by day; but as our sister and blogger by night she becomes our go-to person for design advise and has great style. Her wit really comes out in posts like the one about her chicken.

And then there’s Catherine who is kind of everyone's side-kick.  She’s in the fray but also observing it through her philosophical perspective on life. Her focus is on us, as humans, and the kids, and the pets; really the interpersonal relationships of our family (world) dynamic. 

When she's not being too "deep," or mixing it up with her doggy dive, Xyla, or helping one of us, she can be found renovating her 1920's bungalow in the ghetto, as depicted here in here latest project:

Wallpaper removal

Paula is super quirky and hilarious but down to earth. She dreams big but hates to spend money and strives to accomplish all her goals on a shoe-string budget, making her Brooke’s antithesis. She's reticent to make decisions too, but is a real workhorse as evidenced by her working as a mother to her 11 month old during the day and working nights as an RN. Her current project is renovating her porch.

And finally there is the Squash (her nickname since babyhood). Squash is a teenager and the baby of the family. She’s twenty years younger than April and as such she has to endure a lot of love and a LOT of teasing. 

Most of the time she is wrapped up in her own world so Brooke calls her the "passive-aggressive poster," because while she’s supposed to post something each week, we are left waiting for her to grace us with her presence. She brings a fun, youthful perspective to our site like when she randomly posted about cake.

As a collective we write on many different subjects sharing our furniture transformations, personal experiments, home improvement projects, interesting people we know, random cooking adventures, and funny moments. And with each new contribution we’re excited to see Home Hinges take shape.

And we love making new friends like Laurie from Handy Man, Crafty Woman who inspires us and shares our varied interests. (You're amazing!)

--The Sisters of Home Hinges (April, Brooke, Catherine, Paula, & Squash)

Thanks so much to April and her sisters for showing us all their amazing projects.  We love checking out your site! 


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