Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Organizing for Christmas, Part 3: Food

Our tree from 2008...wow, that was a BIG one!
This is the final part of my series about getting organized for Christmas.  Here are my previous two posts:

Food is always a big part of our Christmas celebrations.  I usually have a small family get-together in early December, bake lots of goodies, and we have special treats for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

In late November and early December, I start buying some items that can be stored in our pantry.  This spreads out the expense of buying it all at once, and the hassle of going out at the last minute.  I need to make sure I have loads of powdered sugar for Chocolate Crinkle Cookies, and peanut butter for Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls.  Yum. 

Last week, I made another huge list of all the food we'd need for the following:
  • regular, everyday food
  • food for our small family gathering
  • a few more ingredients for Christmas treats
  • special food for Christmas Eve
  • special food for Christmas Day
I went shopping last week, in the evening when it wasn't very crowded.  I worked off my list, and I piled my shopping cart up high!  I was determined to not have to go to any stores after about December 17th.  We will only need to do quick runs for things like milk, but we should have enough food in the house to last until almost New Year's.  

We have even planned what to make on Christmas Day: Lasagna Rolls.  (Recipe to come).  Yes, they are as good as they sound!  I have everything I need to make them in the house.

So to recap my strategy:
  • make a big list!
  • start shopping for dry ingredients early
  • buy as much as possible, to avoid Christmas crowds
  • make and freeze some items in advance
How are you doing with your Christmas baking and cooking?  Do you need to run to the store? Do you have a specific meal for Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day?

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Nicolette @ Momnivore's Dilemma said...

This year, I am in a cramming for finals mode when it comes to the holidays.

I am a queen of lists, but I had two sick kids over the past two weeks with the most brutal form of norovirus I have ever seen. 5 days of fevers each.

I am way behind on baking, shopping, and wrapping.

Thanks for linking up!

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