Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chic Click Carnival

I'm participating in a fun "click carnival" tonight, where I introduce myself to new readers who participate, and choose another blog to spotlight.  To readers that are new to our blog: I'm Laurie, the Crafty Woman, and my husband Rob is the Handy Man.  We have a son I call Handy Boy.

We are working on renovating our third house.  We tackle projects of all sizes; from painting, to adding new light fixtures, to plumbing and even tearing down walls.

I love to scrapbook, read, and organize.  Handy Man loves woodworking.  We blog about tools, renovations, recipes, New England, etc. 

Here are some of my favorite posts from our blog:

Another "peep" that I found in the Chic Chick carnival is This Domestic Life.  She talks about baking (cinnamon rolls), crafts (mixed media bracelet), and photography (photography tips).

Check out the Chic Chick Media widget, and visit some new blogs.  There's so much great reading out there!

I think my new motto should be "So many blogs, so little time..."

Linking to: Tidy Mom


TidyMom said...

WOW lots of GREAT projects........I can't wait to look all around!!

Thanks for linking up

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