Sunday, November 1, 2009

Why Do We Collect Vintage Fiesta Ware?

I thought that I would talk about how we got started with our collection. Back in about 1997, we had a yard sale. We had relatives donate things they no longer wanted to our yard sale. A few of the items that we received were pieces of old Fiesta Ware from my grandmother. Rob wasn’t sure about selling them, and he set the pieces aside.

There weren’t many pieces; there were some plates and a few bowls. I didn’t know much about them. We set them aside because we liked the colors and the look of the dishes. Eventually, we looked into a few books about Fiesta Ware. We had also seen some dishes in antique stores, and purchased a few more items. Over time, we bought more and more, and had to decide how to store and display what we had collected.

Since then, we have gathered a pretty large collection. A lot of it is displayed, and we even use some of the regular dinner plates. We also have plans for Handy Man to make more shelving and cabinets to display more of our collection (yet another project for the Hunny-Do list!)


The Ex-Perfectionist said...

I also collect FiestaWare because it is what my grandmother used, although, I don't collect the vintage...I am a slave to my microwave and dishwasher! I have NO idea what happened to my grandmother's collection! I wanted it. It was vintage. I was away at college when she died, so I was not there to ask for it. Her collection was not very big or varied. I absolutely LOVE ♥♥♥ collecting the newer stuff. Because I like all different colors and all different pieces, I don't ever buy the sets that come out. Instead, I buy at local antique stores that sell the seconds (pieces that didn't, for whatever reason, pass inspection). To me, their slight imperfections fit my collection.

meowmomma said...

I started collecting vintage colors back in the 1980's because I had the feeling that someone in the family had FiestaWare in my childhood. I still haven't found that person, but now I will be that person in someone else's childhood! I have quite a collection! My favorite colors are the earthy colors. I have several pieces of the turquoise blue that I would sell if you were interested. My email is on my blog. One thing I don't have that I guess is my goal to find with a price that the person doesn't know what they have price is some tri-pod candle sticks!! In any color of green except chartreuse!! I have globe candlesticks in yellow. These are my "good" dishes, but we have lately gotten out of the habit of using them for holidays because the three "big guys" in my family all feel that the plates are too small! So mainly, the dishes are just displayed... :o(

Your Thanksgiving table shots were beautiful with your orange tablecloth! BTW, you do know that it is Fiesta Red, not orange, don't you? And that it really is radio active. I had always thought to just be a fictional rumor until just the past fall another of my blogging buddies went to a museum (something about the manufacture of radioactive materials) and they had red fiesta there for demonstration purposes!!! Surprised me!

Here's to happy collecting!!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Lolly said...

I fell in love with FW a few years back and purchased some plates, and bowls in my favorite colors.

I love the sturdy simplicity of FW and it's art deco style. I love the mix and match look. They coordinate with everything and they're great photo shoots.

My grandmother had some pieces in pink and turquoise, but I am a red, green, yellow, orange kind of gal, so no vintage for me :(

Great blog. Very few people I know in Real Life actually like Fiesta Ware, so it's great to find people online that do.

Nice collection.

Mary Lou said...

What fun to find other people who love Fiestaware! My story is similiar. My grandmother and aunt both had Fiestaware, so using it is like going back home again. I don't know what happened to my grandmother's dishes, but I did receive some mixing bowls and plates from my aunt. One day, I saw a classified ad advertising a whole set so I bought a 30's set for 8 with many serving pieces, plus a tablecloth and napkins in the original Fiestaware colors. I didn't realize what I good buy I had made until I began pricing it as I added additional pieces. Now I have quite a large collection and I display it in an old piesafe...but I need more room. I love using the colors with the and ivory in the winter, red, green, and yellow in the fall... My guys said the plates were too small also! So I added the larger plates and even some chop plates!!!

Anonymous said...

My Grandparents had FW at their cabin. They had it all the plates, bowls, serving pieces, flatware, glasses and matching tablecloths and napkins. I loved to set the table as a young girl and everyone had a differnt color! Would love a collection now as my mom sold it when she sold the cabin!

Anna said...

I love fiestaware! I only started collecting it about a year ago. I have some of the vintage and some of the new. It is fun to look out for on family antique-ing trips and even my kids (age 8 and 10) will say, hey Mom, look it's fiestaware!
We use the plates to eat on a lot of the time now.
My favorite little piece is a vintage yellow bud vase

Anonymous said...

I inherited mine in 1978 when my greataunt passed away. My mother and aunt thought those would be better than the melamine dishes I was using. I threw away all the melamine and then a few months later found out these were valuable. I packed them up and put them in the attic so my young kids would stop breaking them. We are cleaning out the attic now, so I will get to see what I still have really soon. I am very excited!!

May be wanting to sell some also. Let me know if anyone is interested.

Stacey K said...

A year ago we were driving down to Florida for our week in our timeshare when we stopped at an exit in I believe it was North Carolina (I want to say exit 56). This was about April and low and behold, we just happened upon the Fiesta Ware Seconds Sale. I never owned a piece of Fiesta ware but here it was all over the place. They weren't perfect but they were perfectly servable and we ended up filing up the car before we even began our vacation.

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