Sunday, October 3, 2010

Shed Vinyl Siding (and Giveaway Winner)

Congratulations to the winner of a $30 Home Depot Gift card, commenter #3, Mary J! I used a "random number generator" that I found online. Mary, see your email. :-) Congratulations!

Random numbers generated Oct 3 2010 at 12:5:18

Those things are so cool! I showed it to Handy Boy, and we played with it by entering in ginormous numbers to see what number it would choose. For our little contest, I just entered in 1-8.

Also, thank you all for the ideas and suggestions for future posts on this site. I am writing them down. I did see mudrooms mentioned twice; unfortunately, we don't have a mudroom in this house! This house is just a "'box" with very few details, except for the ones we've added. We have doors that enter right into rooms, which makes cleaning up after the dirt, snow, sand and MUD here in New England a lot of work. Oh, what I would give for a mud room! However, I can talk about how we work around all that.

Here are photos of the vinyl siding on the shed. Handy Man has been bugging me to show these.

Remember when the shed was being framed:

Ta daaaaa! Here it is with vinyl siding. I helped Handy Man to hold up the ends while he nailed the pieces in with his pneumatic roofing nail gun.

...and here's the back. That silver piece is for exhaust for the generator. Handy Man will be moving our generator into the shed. More to come on that project.

To see more photos and posts about how Handy Man built this shed, click here.


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