Friday, October 8, 2010

Shed Ramp

I just realized that I forgot to show pictures of the ramp that Rob built for the shed. Hey, he has to be able to wheel his lawnmower and snow blower in there!

Here's the beginning; he laid out some boards vertically. He had to dig into the ground a bit, to sink the boards into the ground.

Here's the ramp. Wheeee!
Handy Boy has been riding his bike over the edges of the ramp. Fun, fun!
For more photos of our shed construction project, click here.


the cape on the corner said...

this is on the to do list at our household, too, lol.

thanks for commenting on my halloween decorations that i stuffed in the stairs! hope you were able to figure out yours. that's where i hang our xmas stockings, too.

if you are interested in my bday giveaway, please make sure you enter. i'd love for the winner to be someone who actually comments, and that i converse with!

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