Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy 1st Blogiversary Giveaway!

NOW is the time you’ve been waiting for…our 1st anniversary giveaway. Let’s get right down to it:

We’re offering a $30 gift card to Home Depot!

Even if you don’t “do” tools or renovations, you can still find things to buy at Home Depot: lamps, holiday decorations, area rugs, drapes and curtains, organizing products, etc!

Here are the rules of the giveaway:

- Open to residents of the United States only.

- Make a comment to this post telling us about a project or idea you’d like to see on our site in the future.

- You must include your email address with your comment! Your email will not show publicly, only we will see it.

- Please follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or let us know if you are already a follower.

- Contest ends at Noon Eastern time on Sunday, October 3rd.  A comment will be chosen randomly.  If we cannot reach you within 24 hours, another number will be chosen.

Ready, set, GO!



Beth R. said...

Happy Blogiversary!!

I’d love to see some how-to, or even photos if you have them, of refinishing wood floors. OR installing news ones. Either way :)

Brenda said...

I would love to see how you organize your sheets and towels.

I follow you on Twitter and Facebook =)

Mary Jenkins said...

New facebook follower! I have this weird desire to build my own spice rack so if you guys had any how-to tips on this one that would be great. Also if you any have any project ideas that you can do with small children, I would love that!

Happy Blogversary!

Danni said...

I would love for you to show how you keep all your outside items organized (tools, toys for the child, etc)….this is a serious issue in our household!!

Kristin said...

I’d love to see how you store and display your scrapbooks. Are they all on one shelf? All over the house? In a special room? I am always interested in how people switch over the summer stuff for the winter and vice-versa and how they organize and store their things in the meantime. I am over-run. I have bins, but I’m ready to chuck ‘em all — esp. the huge bins full of snowpants, skates, boots. Or see what people do in their mud-rooms to make them more efficient. Or how they organize and keep track of their freezer. I could go on and on! LOL. :D

Liz M. said...

I’d like to see projects involving thrift store/yard sale/curb finds and how you rehab or incorporate them.

Beth H said...

I also want to see mudroom organization & freezer management. Also, how you make sure Handy Boy is on top of his school & homework assignments. My kids are about to make me bananas with that. My brother & I stayed on top of our schoolwork, but what worked for us is not working for my kids.

Nicole said...

We’ve just bought our first home after 24 years of living wherever the Army sends us (usually in a house they own) so I’m open for any posts on general household repairs. We’ve only been in the house two days and already replaced the valve thingie in the toilet tank and the shower heads – we were going to change the lock on the front door but didn’t have all the tools with us, so we’ll have to wait till we get back with all our belongings in two weeks!

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