Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Guest Post from Our Life: Narrated by Lacey

This is a guest post from Our Life: Narrated by Lacey. She has a cute blog, go check it out!

How to make a Countdown to Halloween using a cookie sheet!

Last year I purchased a ‘Countdown to Halloween’ kit from a local scrapbooking store – one I used to work at part time. I couldn’t make the class where they taught you how to make it so the I just made do with what I got in the kit they provided.Anyway, I finally got around to assembling the pieces in the kit this year to make my very own countdown. Here, let me walk you through it. It’s not hard at all. You could totally make one yourself….if you wanna.First you have to start with a 8.5x11” piece of cardstock [regular printer paper would work as well], and print a calendar-like table on it. I used the one that came with the kit, but because it looked like their ink was running out when they printed it, I went over the numbers and lines with a fine-tip marker to make it darker. You could easily design this in Microsoft Word or any other processing software.

The kit also came with 30 small sticky-backed magnets. I used some of the Halloween charms in the kit but also made a lot of my own charms using my own Halloween scrapbooking supplies.

Put the charms aside for the time being and cut some Halloween patterned papers and ribbon to fit whatever sized metal cookie sheet you have. Mine was 11x17”.

Add magnet tape to the back…

Add some letter stickers, put it all together and you get this…..!!!!

Make some holes in the top handle. I used a hammer and a nail, but you could also use a drill.

Add some ribbon, hang it on the wall and start your countdown![I plan to embellish it a little more with more ribbons and maybe even some glitter glue when I have more spare time.]I keep the extra charms on the back and every day Jack helps me pick a new charm to add to the countdown.

The great thing about everything being magnetic, you can take all the pieces off when Halloween is over and still use the cookie sheet! When the time comes, I will probably make one for a Countdown to Christmas too – using the same cookie sheet! And maybe even a countdown to Jack’s birthday! The possibilities are endless.I love Lacey's countdown idea, it's fun and simple to make! Plus, you could make one for Christmas. If you'd like to be featured on our site, please send us an email with an idea.


Scrappy Gal said...

You can also use a Crop-o-dile if you have one to punch holes in the cookie sheet. I've used it and it cuts the holes w/ ease.

Love the entire magnetic idea! I've only use perm. adhesive to keep them as yearly decor, but more bang for you buck by re-using, I like!!

*Andrea* said...

i loove this!!! im your newest follower! found you on wandering wed. blog hop! would love for you to follow back and check out my little blog im very new!!

thanks! ;)

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