Sunday, October 17, 2010

Getting Ready for Winter

Over the last several days, Handy Man has been working on getting the outdoors ready for winter. Here, he's taking apart the table and chair set out on our deck.

He unscrewed all of the pieces for the tables and chairs, so he could put them into the shed more easily.
Here are some other suggestions for getting your home ready for winter, especially if you live in a climate with rough winter weather like we do.

  • Clean your gutters and downspouts. We had new gutters installed with covers to keep leaves out a few years ago, so we don't have to do this step anymore. It was well worth it!
  • Drain and put away garden hoses.
  • Put away or cover air conditioners.
  • Replace any exterior light bulbs.
  • Check caulking around your doors and windows.
  • The last time you mow the lawn for the season, you'll need to drain your mower of gas and oil. Click here to read an article that Rob wrote about this last year.
  • Clean your dryer vent. Lots of dryer lint can build up over time; this should actually be done more than once a year.
  • Have your heating system cleaned or maintained. If you have a chimney that gets used, make sure it gets cleaned as well.
Have you done any work to get ready for winter yet? Unfortunately, at least for us in the Northeast, winter is right around the corner.

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Ben said...

I have been in the business of getting homes ready for winter for several decades now and what I have seen is amazing.

The homes that do regular maintenance and fall inspections last forever without major maintenance. But those who ignore pay the price. The greatest repair costs come from water leaking in around window and door flashings. Typically a $7.00 tube of a silicone caulking can save thousands of dollars in repairs.

Please visit my web site to see pictures.

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