Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thrifty Clothing Finds

This week, I went shopping for some clothes that Handy Boy needs for fall. I went to a few stores and hit the clearance racks. I never shop for "back to school clothes" before school starts. Handy Boy can still wear his shorts and t-shirts for a while, and he seems to have a growth spurt every fall.

I would love to be able to get clothes for Handy Boy at thrift and consignment stores, but unfortunately, that's not possible any more. Second hand stores have more clothing for babies, toddlers, and younger children. Handy Boy is a size 10 now, and I just can't find clothes in that size in second hand stores.

I found some shirts on sale at Kohl's and Sears. I bought two short sleeved shirts and three long sleeved shirts.

I also took out these three shirts. I had stored these shirts in Handy Boy's dresser. We bought them back in the spring from a clearance rack for $2.49 each!! Can you believe it?

Here's the proof:
I don't like the idea of paying $24 for ONE SHIRT for a child, but $2.49?! Awesome!

Here are the two short sleeved shirts that I bought:

I recently found a site called thredup. It's an online site where you can trade gently used children's clothing. Unfortunately, there isn't much for boy's size 10 clothing there, either; but I thought I would pass along the info.

I absolutely hate paying full price for clothing for myself, Handy Man or Handy Boy. We always check clearance racks, second hand stores and sales. Last year, I bought Handy Boy a nice winter coat for $1 in a thrift store! ONE dollar! Click on this post about some thrifty winter items I bought for Handy Boy last winter. Click here to see the nice rain coat I bought for the Boy for $1.99.

How do you save money on clothing?

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Danni said...

I REFUSE to pay full price for clothing anywhere! I shop at a local consignment store for MJ, getting her all name brand clothing for a fraction of the cost. I also bring clothing there when my children outgrow them, so to date (going on 2.5yrs), I haven't paid anything for what I buy there because I always have credit. Sadly, I can't much for B there since he's 7 and they have a very slim selection in clothing for that age for boys.

I check out clearance racks for me as I refuse to pay 20+ for a shirt. Insanity!!

larsinnh said...

Yes, it's getting almost impossible for me to find clothes on consignment for the Boy as he gets older. :-( Drat! I got so used to finding things on consignment, etc. As you know I like Fashion Bug for myself, but never pay full price there. They must be desperate because everything is on sale constantly, plus they often have "Buy one get one 1/2 off" PLUS they have coupons! I've gotten out of there with over $80 worth of clothes for myself for $35ish...

Jerri said...

Congrats on these great deals! I'm always thrilled when I can find good clothes for under $10. And under $5?? Super!

Anita said...

I just found this site this morning. I haven't tried it yet, but I plan to.

Donene Jones said...

I like going to the thrift stores and re or upcycling items!
Great finds you have!

Liz@Its A Blog Party said...

Great deals!
Thanks for linking up!

Deals and Frugal Finds | It's a Blog Party said...

[...] Clothes Deal shared by Handy Man Crafty Woman [...]

Jenny said...

I will say, I am not much of a thrift store shopper for myself. Being plus size, the clothes are usually slim pickins and my OCD drives me crazy while I scour through clothes by color and not size. My husband on the other hand, has found everything from Izod shirts with the tags on (3 in one day), expensive golf shirts and even new Sperry and Timberland shoes. Crazy. I scour the thrift stores for furniture, lamps and home decor. Ahhh, the thrill that $5 can bring to me!

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