Thursday, September 2, 2010

Recent Thrifty & Free Finds

Since fall is quickly approaching, yard sale season is winding down. However, Handy Man and Handy Boy are still finding some great deals. Handy Boy loves to find cheap Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars...Handy Man loves to find hardware and tools that he can use for projects around the house.
We try not to buy too much "stuff" at yard sales, as we are cutting down on clutter...but if we see something that will save money and help with a future home project, we'll buy it.

Handy Man recently came across this crate full of ropes and doo-dads. It was marked for $8, but he talked them down to $5. This was a great find, because Handy Man had mentioned needing a few bits of rope, but didn't want to buy any. This crate contained ropes of different lengths and thickness.

Here are the doo-dads in the crate. Apparently, the ropes and doo-dads were for sailboats. I spread them out to look at them and to take a picture of them. I have NO idea what these things do, but Handy Man was excited. He already used one of the metal parts, and some of the ropes, for a project inside his new shed. (Photos of that to come soon.)

This was an interesting find. I know it's not the best photo, but I'll explain. Last weekend, we were driving home from an errand, and I saw a plastic pool ladder on the side of the road. There was also a bunch of other stuff around the ladder. I said to Handy Man "I wonder if that's a pool for sale?"

We stopped to look. Hey, we are not too good to pick up junk on the side of the road! It was indeed a blow-up pool, with a filter and a nice plastic ladder. There was a funny sign on one of the boxes that said something like "Steal it, take it, whatever..." Handy Man went to knock on the door and we talked to the guy in the house.

The brand of pool is Intex. We don't know much about the brand, but we took it home with us. The filter needs a bit of work, but it was worth taking everything just for the free ladder. Rob put it away in his shed for now, and he will tinker with it more in the spring. We were pretty excited, as we talked about getting an inflatable pool "someday." Handy Boy wanted to swim in it immediately, but since it's September, we had to explain that we'll be putting it away and setting it up next year. Poor kid!

Rob has been periodically working on the shed. I'll be posting soon with more shed photos.

What are you planning to do over Labor Day weekend? Are you going on a trip? Trying to get some work done around the house or the yard? We have a few small projects to tackle, as usual.

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