Monday, September 6, 2010

Back to School

Labor Day always means "Back to School" time to me. When Handy Man and I were children, we always started school after Labor Day. Handy Boy started last week. Many children in different areas of the country have already been in school for several weeks.

I was (secretly) glad that Handy Boy started school last week so I can have some quiet time. I have so many projects I want to work on! I will start working part time in a couple of weeks, but until then, there's lots to do...blogging, scrapbooking, laundry, dishes, more laundry, more dishes...

I had some fun buying new school supplies for the Boy. He didn't need much, thankfully. I've heard of some school lists that are huge!

Good ole' Crayola. Remember how Crayola crayons smelled when you opened the box? Sniffffff...ahhhhh!! They still smell the same.

Pink Pearl erasers, however, do not smell the same as when we were kids. Handy Man agreed with me, they smell different.

Yeah, we spent some time sniffing school supplies. You wanna make something of it?!

Here is the rainbow of papers that I had to fill out for Handy Boy this year...emergency contact forms and this and that. Homework for mom...oh YAY. It took me a couple of days to slog through all of it.

Even if you don't have children (or don't have children in school anymore), do you have projects planned for fall? Some people do fall cleaning...fall organizing...get back into scrapbooking, sewing or other crafts. Soon, it will be time to do fall chores around the yard as well. Handy Man is trying to squeeze in as many projects as he can while the weather is still nice.

How about you?



More homework 4 the parents, than 4 the kids, during the first week. ;-)

ourlifeinaclick said...

Thanks for stopping over!! My kids start school this week (tomorrow and Wed) and I love all the school supplies too!! I'm looking forward to the house being quiet during the day to get some projects done too!


Danni said...

Projects, projects & more projects. I have a lot of projects ;) You know a few of them.....I'm also doing a lot at school this year, so I'm helping in several classrooms w/ their projects! I already don't like that word :)

larsinnh said...

That's why the tagline for my blog is: "So many projects, so little time!" :-)

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