Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wordless Tuesday

Hey, I can make up "Wordless Tuesday" if I want, right? ;-)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Halloween Countdown Chain

Handy Boy has been hounding me lately, asking "When's Halloween?!?!" He is 9 and has a better sense of time than younger kids, but a month still seems like ages to him.

I decided to make him a Halloween Countdown chain. I have made Christmas countdown chains for him in the past, so why not Halloween? This was very easy to do. You could also make a countdown chain for a birthday, or a big trip, using different paper.

I used 12x12" scrapbook paper. I chose Halloween colors, and cut them into 1 inch wide strips, using my Making Memories trimmer. You can buy this trimmer at craft stores. I LOVE THIS TRIMMER! I highly recommend it for any kind of scrapbooking or paper crafting.

Here are all of the Halloween colors I used. Different shades of orange, gray, brown, black, etc.

I sta
pled all of the rings together. After, I noticed that some of my scrapbook paper was white on one side, but Handy Boy won't care. He'll take one ring off every night before he goes to bed.

Here it is! I decided to make enough rings for the rest of September. Why not? Handy Boy loved it. I was going to work on this when he came home from school today, but I couldn't wait. ;-)

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Great Lego Project, Continued...

Handy Boy and I recently decided that we were going to keep working on sorting his Legos. This is a project that we started in the winter...but we all got SICK for ages and it fell by the wayside. See this prior post about our start.

We're sorting by "type" of Lego into different bins. It's really, really time consuming because he has about ten billion pieces. There are also a ton of really tiny "specialty" pieces that I'm not sure what to do with yet. More photos as the progress continues. We are just trying to work on it 15 minutes at a time. We'll get through it, eventually!

Handy Boy said that it's much easier to build his creations now that his Legos are at least somewhat sorted.

Handy Man has finished siding the shed! Photos to come soon. One project left to do is to run wiring from the garage into the shed: Rob needs a light in there, and the ability to run the generator in the shed. This is going to involve digging a trench through the backyard.

Anyone want to come over for some ditch digging? Ha! :-)

I'll have some simple fall crafty projects to show you soon as well. Hope you are all having a great weekend.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pantry, Before & After

Here are some photos of our pantry. It's actually a closet near the kitchen, but when we moved in, we decided we needed a pantry more than a place to hang coats. I have organized and reorganized it for almost four years now, but I think we finally have it just right. Here is the "before." It's hard to get a good photo in a dark hallway, with not much space to maneuver. 
We took some of the surplus items and brought them down to the basement, where we have a rack for extra food storage (that's a post for another time).We went through everything and tried to put similar items together. Yet again. I also purchased two items to help organize; one of those can organizers that has "steps" so you can see which cans you have; and a small lazy susan.

See the cute can organizer? It slides open so you can make it wider. The can organizer, and the lazy susan organizer on the shelf below were both purchased at Lowe's. The brand sticker on them said "Real Organized." Each piece was under $12.

Here is the bottom of the closet. Yes, that is an old-fashioned, metal candy machine. It is filled with Gobstoppers. Rob found it at an antique store, and cleaned it out thoroughly and added the candy to it. He wants to find a stand for it, but for now it gets stashed away in the pantry for a "once in a while" treat. I'm not a fan of Gobstoppers, but the boys are. And yes, that basket holds plastic bags. Shame on me, I know, I shouldn't use them. But I've been using them to line small trash cans.
Anyone need to organize their pantry? Whether it is a closet or a shelf in your kitchen, go through it and see what you can organize, so you can find things more easily. You don't need to purchase a lot of fancy containers or organizers; clean out and organize first to see what you need before you go shopping for organizers.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Easy Fall Decorations

Handy Boy has been anxious to put up our fall and Halloween decorations. Since the first "official" day of fall is coming up, and it's been getting cooler outside, I told him that we could. To make things look less cluttered, after I took out our fall decorations, we tucked away some of our "everyday" decorations into storage. Those items will come back out again after New Year's.

I like to put up small groupings in the kitchen and the living room. The glass jar is something that we found in an antique store recently. It's dark colored glass, with a slight red tint to it. Rob said that his grandmother used to have a jar just like this.
Here are the shelves in the kitchen. We bought them ages ago in TJ Maxx. After Thanksgiving, I put Christmas decorations on them. Before I put the fall things up, I had displays of other items; but I was never satisfied with how things looked, so I never took a picture of them. ;-)

I bought these two scarecrows this year. Aren't they cute? I love scarecrows. I feel like I can leave them up past Halloween and through Thanksgiving. I purchased these decorations over time at craft fairs, yard sales or on sale at retail stores.

Even Handy Boy decorated his room. I give him little things to put on top of his dresser. He is so cute, arranging and re-arranging things. I found the little "Boo" skeleton and the little scarecrow at Michael's this year.

So, who is ready for fall? It got down into the 30s last night here in New England...brrrr!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Lucky #13

Today is our 13th Wedding Anniversary. Lucky number 13!

Aren't we cute? I was 25 and Rob had just turned 26. I'll be adding this photo, along with some other photos, to the "About Us" page soon.

Some fun facts about us:

Number of apartments we've lived in: 2

Number of homes we've lived in: 4 (one was a rental, three were homes we bought.)

Number of times we've moved our crap from apartment to house to rental to house: We don't even want to think about it!

Number of years we have been renovating homes: Over 13, yikes!

Number of bathrooms we have renovated over the years: 5

Number of kitchens we've renovated: 3

Number of bedrooms we've renovated: 11

Number of wounds we have sustained from renovating projects: Too many to count. Cuts, bruises, many splinters, a few mild (!!) electric shocks. Thankfully, all were treatable without a trip to the ER.

Number of ceiling fans we have installed: Eleventy-billion. (We like ceiling fans.)

Number of sewer back-ups we have had: One. And let us never speak of it again.

Most difficult renovation project:

Handy Man: The kitchen in our second home. (Crafty Woman: I will post pictures of this sometime!)

Crafty Woman: The upstairs bathroom in our current home. (Pictures to come for this as well.)In the winter. Then we had to heave all new fixtures INTO the house, and up the stairs. Think about carrying a toilet and a bathtub up a flight of stairs! During the project when everything was ripped out, we had to go DOWNstairs to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. I hated that! Runner up: Renovating the one and only bathroom we had in our first house.
Everything needed to be torn out, carried down a stairway, and heaved into a dumpster.

Easiest renovation project: Uhhhh...we'll get back to you on that one.

Handy Man's favorite room reno: The kitchen in our second home, because it was so difficult. (He said something about it being "rewarding.")

Crafty Woman's favorite room reno: The above-mentioned upstairs bathroom in this home. More relief than rewarding, for me, I think!

Happy Anniversary to my Handy Man!

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Shed Doors

Here is Rob working on the door framing for the shed. He is cutting out notches in the trim for the door hinges.

The doors are in, woo woo!! Now, it's time to put in the door knobs and locks...

Rob has to put an additional piece between the doors, but at least now the doors can lock.

Next project: vinyl siding.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Busy Weekend, and Bloggy Business

Wow, what a Saturday we've had so far! Today I helped Handy Man start to put the vinyl siding on the shed. We finished two sides today.

I bought Handy Boy's Halloween costume today (no, I don't sew). He is going to be Spongebob this year.

We took out our containers of fall decorations. I will probably put up our fall decorations tomorrow.

More shed siding tomorrow (the project that will never end!), and who knows what else. I have a lot more shed photos to post.

I also wanted to say THANK YOU to all of our readers, new and old. Yesterday, our blog hit an all-time record for hits! We were amazed! I hope that you've enjoyed reading, and that both old and new readers will keep coming back. I've enjoyed reading your comments, reading lots of other blogs, and meeting other bloggers online as well.

Thanks to Remodelaholic and Frugal and Fabulous Design for being the first two blogs to feature us on their blogs. We were delighted!

Our one year blogging anniversary is coming up on October 1st. I can't believe it! We're looking to do some giveaways to celebrate. Do you have a product or gift certificate you would like to give away to promote your business or blog? If anyone wants to participate in a giveaway the first week of October, please let us know. Your giveaway should be related to the topics on our blog. Please email us to discuss at handymancraftywoman@gmail.com.

We're also looking for guest bloggers for the first week of October. Do you have photos of a before and after renovation project, a great recipe, an organizing project, etc, that would fit in with our blog? Please email us to discuss.

Lots to come next week!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Wood Pellets are Here!

We recently ordered wood pellets for our stove for the winter. We talked my brother into coming over to help us bring them into the basement. I didn't get any pictures of them working, but here's a picture of the ginormous piles:

I hate to think about it, but we'll probably be turning this thing on within a month...ugh! We do love the feel of the heat from the pellet stove, but I hate to think about the approaching cold.

Here's a picture of the stove in action last winter. It's actually kind of pretty when it's running. The heat just feels so much warmer than our baseboard heat. We bought this stove when the cost of oil went crazy-high. Even though the cost of oil has gone down, the pellets are still less expensive than oil.

You can check out this link that I wrote last year for some ideas on how to conserve heat in the winter.

What type of heat do you use in the winter? (If you have to use heat at all?!) Do you have it ready yet?

Wordless Wednesday

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