Sunday, August 15, 2010

Paint Mistake in the Kitchen

When we first moved into this house, every room was painted white. We're not a fan of white walls, we love color! I was starting to get really sick of the white walls, and decided to paint the kitchen. I really labored over which color to use, and finally decided on a sage green that we had used in a bathroom in our previous house.

Big mistake! The color had looked great in the bathroom in our previous home. But in this house? YUCK!
The same color here turned into a cool minty green. I hated it! Halfway through painting, I knew it was a mistake. However, Rob convinced me to finish and that we just needed to get used to the color. That's the last time I listen to him about a color! Ha!

When we renovated the kitchen further (see more info here), I repainted the kitchen in a light, beige color. MUCH better!
Don't be afraid to make a mistake painting a room. Yes, it takes time and some money to do over, but paint is relatively inexpensive. We lived with the green color for a while, but it just didn't work in our kitchen. The size of the room and the lighting in this room was different, so the color looked different.

Have you ever made a painting mistake? Did you re-paint, or are you still trying to decide?

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Kerry said...

I painted a wall in my bedroom took me a while to get up the courage but I love it! And after all, it's only paint and a bit of work isn't it? I really like the way your room looks now.

Dragonhome said...

Painting Mistake - that would be my kitchen/family room. The idea was a bouquet that my hubby bought me - Sunflowers & Purple Irises. We idi the color match thing and they were perfect - until we got it on the walls.

As my grown kids say - it is Barney (the Kitchen) and the Yellow School bus (family Room)!

I think it will be painted light mocha in the kitchen (think coffee with cream) and a light brownish grey in the family room.

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