Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Why Do We Collect Vintage Fiesta Ware?

I thought that I would talk about how we got started with our collection.

Back in about 1997, we had a yard sale. We had relatives donate things they no longer wanted to our yard sale. A few of the items that we received were pieces of old Fiesta Ware from my grandmother. Rob wasn't sure about selling them, and he set the pieces aside.

There weren't many pieces; there were some plates and a few bowls. I didn't know much about them. We set them aside because we liked the colors and the look of the dishes. Eventually, we looked into a few books about Fiesta Ware. 

We had also seen some dishes in antique stores, and purchased a few more items. Over time, we bought more and more, and had to decide how to store and display what we had collected.

Since then, we have gathered a pretty large collection. A lot of it is displayed, and we even use some of the regular dinner plates. We also have plans for Handy Man to make more shelving and cabinets to display more of our collection (yet another project for the Honey-Do list!)

More on this as I work on the Fiesta page...do you have a collection? What is it? Where do you buy pieces? How do you display your collection?


Becky - Clean Mama said...

LOVE, LOVE Fiestaware! Isn't it the best? Classic, sturdy, and fun!

larsinnh said...

Yes, we love it, too! We use plates and bowls and a few serving pieces. However, the pieces that are more "delicate" or that would be very expensive to replace are only on display.

Kristin said...

Oh, those are fun! The only thing we collect is children. OK, maybe DVD's and books, too. :D

larsinnh said...


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