Thursday, July 15, 2010

Scrapbook Paper Organizing

I decided that I really needed to go through my scrapbook paper in order to be more productive for my upcoming scrap projects. I just had too many papers that I wasn't using. Sometimes, when I went to look for a color, I'd see the same old papers staring out at me that I've had for years. I kept passing those colors and patterns by. For some reason it finally dawned on me (!!) that I should just take out the papers I am never going to use.

After taking out papers I won't use, I freed up almost 1/4 of my paper storage! Wheeeee!

I used to be a Creative Memories scrapbook consultant, so these large plastic envelopes and the large black bin are from CM. They are discontinued items now, but you can find similar systems in scrapbook stores, or online.

These clear folders have two pockets; I store whole sheets in the back pocket and scraps in the front pocket.

I also dug out our Brother P-touch label maker and labeled the tabs in a better way. I separated solids and prints. I have a folder for "Reds" and one for "Red Prints", and so on. I also have folders in the back for large ABC/123 stickers.

Ahhhh...maybe this means I can work on some pages now! I have been wanting to scrap so

As for the paper I removed: I saved some pieces for Handy Boy to play with, and I made a large stack to donate to a friend who has a scrapbook ministry.

Crafters (especially scrapbookers): do you need to clean out any crafty items, so you can move along with a project?
I knew that I had to go through my paper first, since it was such a mess. Unfortunately, I don't have a "before" photo, but the black container was STUFFED full of paper, and it was getting very hard to add or remove paper.


Kristin said...

I probably need to do the same thing. The problem is, I keep thinking "What if I NEED that paper/color someday? . . ." And what a pile I have! I have the same black file holder you have, plus a big plastic box full of more thematic paper packs/kits. In the black folder, they are organized the way yours are -- reds, red patterns (and I put the red ABC's in with them.) It definitely helps a lot when I am looking for color. I guess I need to purge, too. :)

Danni said...

You never cease to amaze me with all your organizing! You'd die right in my scrap area if you saw what it looked like right now!!

larsinnh said...

Danni, my PAPER is now organized...notice I didn't mention anything about my scrap area! LOL! ;-)

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