Thursday, July 22, 2010

Organized Printer Stand

We had an ancient printer that we finally got rid of this year. We found someone to pass it along to, so it didn't get thrown out. It still has a little bit of life left in it.

Handy Man found this new printer on a great sale at Staples several months ago. I told him that I thought it was too "ginormous", but it does everything we need. One of the biggest benefits was that Rob could set it up so both of our computers could print from it. We had a printer stand for the old printer, but it wasn't big enough for this new printer.

Rob was going to buy some wood to make us a customized printer stand...but sadly, the wood to make one cost more than just buying a stand, and I admit, I got a little impatient. We looked around and found this stand at an unfinished furniture store.

Here is the link that shows how Rob refinished the printer stand himself.

I finally got around to organizing the space under the printer. Its a nice wide space, so I dug out our record albums (yes, we still have some old records), and put them there. I also bought three brown cardboard magazine holders at Walmart. We had looked in different stores for magazine holders, but I liked these simple cardboard ones the most.

Besides, these were $6 each, and I didn't feel like buying magazine holders that cost $20 each! I used them to organize some of our office supplies. we have a place to put those old Whitesnake and Simon and Garfunkel albums...

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Kristin said...

Very nice! I like how you make the most of all your spaces. :)

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