Monday, June 14, 2010

I Feel Old, Part 2

We went antique shopping again over the weekend. Handy Man has been in the mood to look around in some shops that we haven't been to in a long time. We went to Antiques Alley in Northwood.

This goes with my original "I Feel Old" post from the other day.

I took more pictures of things that Handy Man and I used as children that are in antique stores now:

A rotary phone. What color rotary phone did you have in your house growing up? We had a light blue one. I saw an olive green one, and a bright red one today.

A view master. I put one of the little cartridges in it and made Handy Boy look into it. He wasn't all that impressed.

I also had a doll case like this one. Mine was light green.

Do you recognize any of these items?


Brenda said...

we had an avocado green wall phone with a 20ft cord on it. You could walk all around the kitchen and livingroom.
My daughter (9) has a view master that was her cousins. I would say it's from around 2000 or so. I recently put it in the hand-me-down box for her little cousin.
I had a very similar doll case too--it was pink.

larsinnh said...

Ah yes, the long, curly phone cords!!! Remember how "exciting" it was to get a cordless phone so you could walk wherever you wanted and still talk? :-)

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