Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Staining the Decks

We have three decks of varying sizes attached to our house. A few years ago, the original decks had paint or stain (all not matching, of course) that were in varying stages of peeling.

Rob wanted to replace all of the decks with Trex decking. However, the cost was SO high, he decided to stain the decks with a light gray stain. That first job was a lot of work: Rob had to scrape down a lot of peeled paint on each deck, then stain the floors, and the rails, etc. When spring came this year, he knew he had to re-stain the floors of the decks. The rails looked fine, but the floors needed help.

Here's one shot of the "before"...there were many spots even worse than this; winter and all the snow and ice can be harsh on decks:

To make the job easier, Handy Man used a roller to do most of the work. He used a small brush to get into spots he couldn't get to with the roller.

 Front steps: all done! It only took one coat.

"During" on the back deck.

Side deck and stairs.

Do you have any decks or stairs that need maintenance? It can be a huge job. Has anyone used Trex before?

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Debbie said...

Wow! What a difference!! It looks brand new. My husband would love a deck on the back of our house. We are considering Trex, but your are right it is pricey. You did a great job!

michellel said...

We have a Trex deck on the back of our house, and a regular wood porch on the front. I was surprised at how dingy the Trex started to look after only one year. It looks faded, to me. I wish we had gone with wood. After pressure-washing the Trex, it does look better, but not as good as freshly-stained or painted wood.

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