Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Pathway is Complete

Handy Man has been doing tons of outside work lately, since the weather is finally nice. There are always indoor projects to do, but lately we are on an outdoor kick!

Rob finished the stones leading up to the front stairs. He is glad that the job is done.

Last year, Rob made some mulch beds in front of the house, and added some small bushes. The mulch is rubber, so it doesn't rot or disintegrate. It does settle a bit over time. I think it looks pretty realistic. We could use to add a bit more mulch this year. I guess I'll add it to the "Honey Do" list!

You can see the progress of our pathway in these posts:

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Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging said...

What's a front yard without a path to the door?

Handy Man did a great job. I've done this, and found that the difficult part -- other than the grunt labor of it -- is getting the stones to not wobble, but to sit firm no matter where you step on them.

Handy Boy did you a favor by testing the positioning, because if the stones aren't spaced comfortably, it'll drive you crazy every time you use them.

Nice work!

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