Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Boy's Room is Clean (for the moment)!

So! It took some time on and off over 3 days, but Handy Boy and I finished cleaning up his room!

This bookcase is from my childhood. My dad made it for us, and behind the dolls on the top shelf it says "1 2 3" and "P Q R."

I guess when I was learning the alphabet, my favorite letters were "P Q R" and I used to repeat that a lot.
The antique desk is something that Handy Man and I bought before we even had Handy Boy. He loves to sit at the desk and color, draw and play Legos. Sometimes he does homework on it. He usually does his homework in the kitchen.
Handy Boy's closet is a masterpiece inside! I will show how Handy Man built special shelves in the closet some time, to store all of Handy Boy's "stuff." I just wanted a picture of the floor that will stay clean for about 5 minutes.

No picture of his bed at the moment, because I was washing sheets and blankets.

Oh, and the Wicked Big Lego Project? That was sort of put on hold for a while, since we've all been taking turns being sick and such. But we do hope to get back to it, eventually. Handy Boy still loves his Legos, and he's been good about keeping the sorted ones organized.


Kristin said...

Very nice looking room! I know what you mean about keeping it clean -- it's like stringing beads on a thread with no knot at the end around here. :)

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