Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Goodwill Pile

I really don't know where this all came from...but here is the pile o' stuff we are going to bring to Goodwill. It started as just one bag, then multiplied into two...and then we started to really clean out the basement and the house, and now we have this huge pile!
Just when I think that we have donated or recycled a ton of stuff, and I'll never get a big pile again, we do! I don't think our house is overly clutter-y...we have had yard sales before, many trips to Goodwill, sold stuff on Craigslist, etc. But I guess clutter keeps creeping up on you, and you have to go through stuff at least once a year, so it doesn't start taking over again.

We had several yard sales in the homes we lived in before, but we only had one sale here. It was the worst yard sale that we ever had! We hardly sold anything, and very few people came. Several of the people who came said: "Wow, you guys are waaaaay out in the middle of nowhere!" That, for some reason, irritated me. And that is probably why we didn't get many people, we are kind of in the middle of nowhere. But for the people who came and said that, I felt like saying "where did you COME from, Alaska?"

So, no more yard sales here. We just put stuff in a pile to bring to Goodwill, and we bring things to the recycling center. Sometimes I ask a friend or a family member if they would like an item that is in very good condition, and they'll take it. We try to put very little into the actual garbage.

Handy Man was so pleased to clean off one of his work tables in the basement. As you can see, it's at the bottom of the steps, so lots of stuff gets thrown on the surface. I think that underneath the table needs some work; but at least he can work on the surface now.

In Honor of Earth Day, try to recycle or donate things you don't need anymore. Many of your things could go to someone who could use them.


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