Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Stone Pathway; Part 2

During the previous step, Handy Man dug about two inches of dirt out of the spot he was working on. Then he placed a stone into that spot, and covered it with excess dirt to fill up the space between the stone and the grass.

Next, he used a small whisk broom to compress the dirt around the edges of the stone. Then he scooped up the excess dirt, and used a push broom to further clean the stones.

Here are some of the stones that he finished. I think it looks great already!

We have had a good amount of rain, and the grass around these stones (and in the rest of the yard) has really "greened up." Handy Man hopes to work on getting more of the stones in this coming weekend, since it's supposed to be sunny and warm. We'll see, New England weather is so unpredictable!

See New Stone Pathway, Part 1 (posted on April 26th) for the beginning steps to this project.

Monday, April 26, 2010

New Stone Pathway: Part 1

Over the weekend, Handy Man started work on our new stone pathway. We bought some irregular-shaped stones at Lowe's. We researched online, and looked in a few stores first, to decide what type of path we wanted. 

We wanted something for people to walk on, and we wanted to save some extra wear on the grass there, since it turns to muck in the spring. We didn't want to make it TOO symmetrical or formal, so we just went with these stones.

I'm kind of embarrassed to show you how awful this part of our lawn looks right now, but oh well!

ALL of the grass was really damaged over a very tough New England winter, and a very wet and muddy spring. Plus, this part of the yard where we walk to the side door looks just awful, since it gets a lot of heavy foot traffic. Handy Man laid the stones on top of the grass, and we walked on them to make sure they weren't spaced too far apart:

Even Handy Boy had to run back and forth, testing them out:

Then Handy Man took a half moon lawn edger, and cut into the ground closely around each stone.

Then, he chopped up the dirt with the lawn edger...(nice legs!)

...and dug out about 2 inches of dirt (about the depth of the stones) with a garden trowel:
I will post more pictures of the process soon. Some of the stones are in the ground already. Soon, Handy Man is going to work on that area of grass, so we can get it to grow in better. Stay tuned!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Goodwill Pile

I really don't know where this all came from...but here is the pile o' stuff we are going to bring to Goodwill. It started as just one bag, then multiplied into two...and then we started to really clean out the basement and the house, and now we have this huge pile!
Just when I think that we have donated or recycled a ton of stuff, and I'll never get a big pile again, we do! I don't think our house is overly clutter-y...we have had yard sales before, many trips to Goodwill, sold stuff on Craigslist, etc. But I guess clutter keeps creeping up on you, and you have to go through stuff at least once a year, so it doesn't start taking over again.

We had several yard sales in the homes we lived in before, but we only had one sale here. It was the worst yard sale that we ever had! We hardly sold anything, and very few people came. Several of the people who came said: "Wow, you guys are waaaaay out in the middle of nowhere!" That, for some reason, irritated me. And that is probably why we didn't get many people, we are kind of in the middle of nowhere. But for the people who came and said that, I felt like saying "where did you COME from, Alaska?"

So, no more yard sales here. We just put stuff in a pile to bring to Goodwill, and we bring things to the recycling center. Sometimes I ask a friend or a family member if they would like an item that is in very good condition, and they'll take it. We try to put very little into the actual garbage.

Handy Man was so pleased to clean off one of his work tables in the basement. As you can see, it's at the bottom of the steps, so lots of stuff gets thrown on the surface. I think that underneath the table needs some work; but at least he can work on the surface now.

In Honor of Earth Day, try to recycle or donate things you don't need anymore. Many of your things could go to someone who could use them.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Clean Out

Over the last few weekends, Handy Man and I have been working on cleaning out the garage, basement, and house. We worked on it a little at a time. The first thing we did was re-organize the garage.
After we first moved in, Rob had put up peg boards to organize his his yard tools, etc. That part wasn't bad, as he was good about putting tools back on the pegs. But, some of the stuff on the shelves, and the floor needed to be rearranged. 

He also swept out some leaves, and lots of sand from our tires over the winter. Rob threw a few things away, but put most of the things he wanted to get rid of into a pile to take to the recycling center.
More photos to come of the basement, and a few other spots in the house.

Have any of you started (or thought about starting) any house or basement clean outs? Thinking of having a yard sale? Are you making a donation pile? We have a LARGE donation pile going right now. 

We have been taking lots of things to Goodwill over the past few years, and just when I think we've gotten rid of a lot of stuff, we find more! I think it multiplies in the dark!

Monday, April 19, 2010

I'll be back tomorrow!

I know it's been a while since I've blogged. We have been plagued by sickness in our house, I get something, then Handy Man gets something and then Handy Boy gets something (and, not always the same thing, different things.) I've also been plagued terribly by insomnia, but that's starting to get a bit better. It's been very hard to "dig out" the house and keep up with everything.

I will come back with a brand new post tomorrow, with photos. I will be making a few changes to the site (small things) over the next few weeks.

Thanks for being patient with me, I'm ITCHING to get back to this! I have tons of ideas to post.
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