Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another Rain Storm

Well, here we are, having our THIRD huge rain storm in about a one month span. Here are some pictures from the first huge wind storm that knocked our power out for five days.

I like the canoe that this nearby house had in their yard. I think this was from the second storm. Honestly, its hard to keep track anymore. There's no snow on the ground, so I'm guessing the second storm.
Today, several roads were closed in the area due to flooding again. This is CRAZY! I know we live near the coast, but we usually don't have flooding THIS bad. What's up with all the weird weather?

I continue to be plagued by small, but annoying illnesses. I'm hoping to get well soon so I can start posting more. Handy Man can't WAIT to work in the yard this weekend. It's (finally?) supposed to be in the 70s!

How's the weather where you are?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sickness and Feet

We have been sooooOOOOoooo sick lately. I've really been wanting to post, but I just haven't been able to. First, Rob got a cold. Then The Boy got a cold. Then, Rob's "gout" (yes, he has gout like an old man) started acting up in his foot. 

Then, The Boy twisted his ankle very badly...he had a HUGE lump on it! The photo above is his ankle, after the swelling had gone down for several days. He really "milked" having a bandage on his ankle and limped around for extra effect. It's still swollen a bit and very bruised.

Then (of course) I caught a cold that turned into a sinus infection. I had to get antibiotics for it. Its been three weeks now, and I'm just starting to feel like the cold/sinus infection is getting better.

We had a span of five days with no electricity, and that storm and another one a few days ago caused tons of flooding, road damage, and school was closed for two more days this week.

I. am. DONE! I'm so sick of winter, and flooding, and storms, and FEET, and sickness.

I hope to post some photos of the storm damage soon, so I can show you all what I'm talking about. If you live outside of New England, you can probably look up "New Hampshire floods 2010" or something like that, to find some photos. 

I tried to look up "New Hampshire floods" and realized that news results from floods in 2006 and 2008 came up also, so you have to put in this year to narrow it down. Why do we keep getting so many floods? This is crazy!

I may need another several days, or even up to a week, to start doing good posts again... I apologize. I realize I may lose some readers that are really looking for new content, but I just need a break right now.

The weather is going to be really nice this weekend, and now that Handy Man's foot is better, he hopes to do some projects around the yard. Handy Boy will be able to play and ride his bike a lot more...and I will air out the house some more, and try to put the inside of the house back together again. I'm so behind in everything!

Thanks for being patient with me, I'll be back as soon as I can.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

National "Organize Your Home Office" Day!

I realize there are all kinds of odd "days" on the calendar, but when I saw this one, I thought I would post it here.

Today is "Organize Your Home office day!"
Both of our desks were in real need of organization. I recently got a new computer; it was a great excuse to dust under my desk (ewwwww), and organize the wires. I had already pretty much gone through all my paperwork recently, but a few drawers really needed help.

Here is my pen drawer, before (with all of the stuff on the top of the desk). I took everything out, and went through it:

And here is my clean drawer, after:
Ahhhh! Do you need to organize your desk? If it's very overwhelming, try to do just one drawer or one section at a time.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Declutter Challenge for a Monday: Just One Thing

I think it's time for another small Declutter Challenge!

This is a photo of a (grimy!) old fridge that Handy Man used in college. We got it recently from Handy Man's parents, and cleaned it up and sold it. If this was in our house, it would have left here long ago, believe me! We try not to keep things around for too long that we can't use.

Today is the day to find an item that: you don't use, you don't need, or that needs to be given to someone. Are you holding an item that belongs to someone else? We all do this, at times. Give it back! Are you holding on to something that no one in your family can use, but someone else can? Bring it to Goodwill (if it's an item acceptable to Goodwill. Ours doesn't take appliances of any kind.)

Try Craigslist for selling, but don't give out personal information, and for safety, try meeting in a public place for your exchange. That way, you don't have to give out your home address. You might also try to put up an ad with a photo on your bulletin board at work, if that is allowed. 

Another way to publicize items is Facebook. I wouldn't do this for every little piece of clutter, but if you have a large piece of furniture that you would like to move, post on your Facebook page that the first local person who responds about wanting it is the new owner.

I know that all of you probably have Just One Thing that could be donated, or given back to its owner. Make it a priority to get this thing OUT, especially if its just ONE thing that has been staring at you for months (years?). 

Today, or in the next few days, make arrangements to deliver that one thing to someone who could use it. You know, that thing that is looming in your basement or home...that thing that annoys you every time you look at it!

What is hanging over your head that you could return? Return it, and you will feel better. It will prompt you to get rid of even more stuff! Remember, you are not the storage facility for the world! Let someone else store it.

Friday, March 5, 2010

New Printer Stand

We recently bought a new printer (Handy Man is great at comparing prices online for anything and everything we are looking to buy). The new printer we bought is a bit wider than the old one, so we started to look around for printer stands. I hated to buy a new piece of furniture just for that, but the new printer was way too big to put on either of our desks.

Of course, Handy Man did consider building a printer stand for us, but after doing some more research, he determined that we could just buy a stand at an unfinished furniture store for less money. 

It's unfortunate that sometimes nice wood is just super expensive to buy these days. Of course, if we need a specialty piece that we just can't find anywhere else, Handy Man will just build it.

Here is the stand that we bought at a local unfinished furniture store. Handy Man took it apart so it would be easier to sand and stain.
This is the top of the stand, and the bottom shelf. Handy Man said he used some 220 grit sandpaper to get a nice, smooth finish.
This is the stain that he used. Its Minwax Wood Finish, in Red Mahogany:
He used a rag to get the stain into all of the nooks and crannies:
I'm working on getting some more Handy/Crafty posts written soon. It's just been hard here lately; we are all taking turns being sick, and the five day power outage really threw me off!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

National Grammar Day and Other Stuff

Here is a photo of some of the uprooted trees near our house from the huge wind storm last week.

There were still some houses without power as of yesterday, almost a week after the storm. I can't even imagine. There were still phone workers working on the lines today.

Apparently, today is National Grammar Day. I don't know what that has to do with anything. Who comes up with these things?!

The Boy is now sick with a cold. We are all SO tired from the power outage.

I feel like I will never catch up with laundry.

Rob keeps saying that we need to move to Hawaii. I wish!

It feels like spring will never come.

Handy Man fixed the tub drain upstairs. Funny how small things like that thrill me.

I guess I feel like complaining today! I'll post more photos of the storm damage soon. How are you all doing?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Power is Back!

Our power was finally restored at about 3 pm on Tuesday. We were all jumping for joy! For the record, it went out on Thursday night at around 10:30...I have LOTS of laundry and cleaning to catch up on.

New post coming soon, I promise!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 5 of No Power

Ok, I realize this is getting old, and I will make it up to you all soon with some good posts, I swear! It's just been hard to deal with everything, and we even HAVE some electricity during the day.

Outside: the weather is nice and sunny. Snow is almost all melted. Lots of power trucks and crews around. The 1-800 number for our utility says that power "should" be restored to all remaining customers today...but I'll believe it when I see it! There are still lines down all around us. Two minutes in 1 direction, there is power. Three minutes in the other direction, there is power.

Handy Boy: had school today!! WOO HOOOOOO! He was actually bummed, he was so used to staying home due to vacation and no school yesterday. However, he was so bored, I can't believe he wanted to stay HOME again!

Handy Man: less sick, but still cranky. Decided to work from home today. Thankfully he is a computer geek and he can do that. His computer is hooked up to one of the working plugs, and we have internet. He is going to keep an eye on the generator today today, as usual. Keep it gassed up, etc.

Me: getting ready to load my tired hiney into the car and go to my sister-in-law's house so I can do more laundry. I think I need chocolate...think I spotted some Easter candy somewhere around here...I am really hoping this is my last post like this!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 4 With No Power

Handy Man woke up and realized the phone and cable were working, woo hoo!! But still no electricity. The sky is gray and its a bit windy.

Outside: Crews continue to work in our area. Still no activity in our immediate neighborhood. School was called off today, since the school has no power, either.

Handy Man: Still limping a bit. Now his cold is somewhat better, but his nose is running endlessly.

Handy Boy: Glad to be watching Spongebob on cable TV. Happy there was no school today. This is because he knows we are going to Grandma & Grandpa's to wash clothes today.

Me: Happy to have a chance to get OUT of the house and do lame is THAT?!
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