Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Winter Maintenance

Winter is here in New England, and along with it comes plenty of snow. Handy Man has all the tools needed to clean up the snow, including: a snow blower, shovels of different sizes, an ice chopper and a roof rake.

Yes, you read that correctly. A roof rake. The only people who know what a roof rake is probably live in Northern New England.

Or Alaska.

Here is Handy Man, with a ton of extensions on the roof rake, scraping snow off part of our roof so it wouldn't collapse in December of 2008:

Handy Man also shovels the snow off our back deck. Lots and lots of snow can get wicked heavy, so it needs to be removed so that decks and such don't collapse. Here is the back deck, also in December of 2008:
No, this is not the frozen tundra, that is really our back deck. And that is our poor grill out there, buried in snow.

And here is Handy Man, shoveling off the deck again recently:
Handy Boy even tried to help a bit, but the snow was pretty heavy for him:
How about you? Do you have any winter chores that you need to do in your neck of the woods? Love winter chores, hate 'em?


Danni said...

Yes! All of them.....

Hater of Winter

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