Saturday, February 27, 2010

No Electricity!

Hi everyone! I haven't been able to update the blog, as we had a HUGE wind storm on Thursday night. We had winds of over 50 mph; trees are down, lines are down. Poor Handy Boy was TERRIFIED of the noise! It was so awful.

Thursday at 10:30 pm, our power went out. As I write this (2:00 pm eastern on Saturday), we STILL have no power. So, no power, no phone lines, no INTERNET, aaaack!! I am posting this from my friend Holly's house. Thanks, Holly & Sean, for letting me use your internet!

Holly just re-did her downstairs bath, I asked her if I could take pictures of it to show on the blog here, so watch for those soon.

Handy Man is at home, keeping an eye on the generator. Thank GOODNESS we have a generator that powers the basics: heat, hot water, the fridge (so food doesn't spoil)...and the TV and VCR. That was Handy Man's idea, of course. Gotta make sure the TV has power! We can't watch any cable TV, but we have DVDs to watch. Handy Man also hooked up his computer to the generator; but with no internet service available, there's not much we can do with that.

Thanks for sticking around; I'll be back when I can!


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