Monday, February 1, 2010

Declutter Challenge for a Monday

Let's continue our "Declutter 365 items in 365 days" challenge. I hope you have set up some guidelines for yourself. You can check out our guidelines in this previous post

Today, get a large box or a garbage bag, and set it up in a convenient place. Put it somewhere that you won't trip on it, but where you'll see it easily. This week's challenge is to go through your home and find twenty...yes, twenty items to declutter. 

It can be stuff that is beyond repair (trash!), stuff that goes in your recycle bin...or stuff that goes into the bag or box for donation. Just twenty things. I bet most of you can find twenty things to get rid of. If you are keeping a list or a tally, mark down when you reach twenty items.

The photo above is an air conditioner we weren't using any more that Handy Man sold to someone. We have sold things to make money, but only if the item could sell for more than $25 or $50. Its just not worth your time to try to sell lots of small items; especially if you have a bad clutter problem. Forgive yourself, and just toss, recycle, donate and keep going.

Just for laughs, here are some items that left our house during our 365 challenge last year. Handy Man thought it was silly that I was keeping track of the actual items; I told him I thought it would be funny to look back on:

- 1 bag of tiny toys/papers from Handy Boy's toy box (counted as 1 item, per our guidelines)
- 4 old coloring/workbooks of Handy Boy's that he finished

- plastic baby clothes hangers
- DVD that doesn't work in the computer (why?)
- 1 hand towel that had seen better days
- 2 paperbacks I won't re-read
- a kit for an art-like project I decided I was never going to do
- one 3-ring binder
- 1 set of candles I won as a prize but really didn't like the smell of (WHY was I keeping those?)

Go ahead and laugh at the silliness of some of these items...and the fact that most of these items are tiny...however, if you keep going, even the tiny items removed will clear out more space in your home. Especially if you can get up to 365 items (or MORE!). For now, just start with 20 items over the next several days and week, and see how you feel.

Report back here with results...ready, set, Declutter!


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