Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 3 of No Power

Day 3 of no electricity, no phone, no internet. (I'm trying wi-fi at McDonald's for the first time. Very cool!)

Outside: still a lot of trees down. I counted about 5 broken poles or broken wires in a 10 minute drive from our house to McDonald's. There are branches and trees down everywhere; it looks like a war zone. The power to the main route where I am now is on (mostly), but I think it's going to be a while for our neighborhood. Snowed some more over the weekend. Lost three BIG trees in the woods behind our house. I think we heard them fall overnight on Thursday.

Our house: thankfully, we have a generator running the essentials (see yesterday's post.) One of the neighbors came back and put on a generator, too. Neighborhood is pretty deserted.

Handy Man: has a cold, and his gout in his foot is bothering him. Yes, handy man has GOUT like an old man. He's been sniffling, coughing and hobbling around whining. I think he needs to go back to work...SOON!

Handy Boy: bored out of his mind; winter vacation last week wasn't much of a vacation. There may be no school tomorrow, I don't think the school has power. He's fighting me on finishing his book report. Hard to concentrate, hard to see with only 1 lamp on, lol.

Me: tired and aggravated. I may have to go to my parent's tomorrow to wash underwear.

Every time we hear a truck or car on the street, we rush (or hobble) to the window to see if its an electric company truck.

Supplies are running low...I'm going to bring some milk home. SEND HELP SOON! **sighhhh**


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