Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Kitchen Window

In April of 2009, Handy Man broke a hole into the kitchen wall, and put up a new window. We moved some cabinets around in December 2008, but had to wait for better weather to tear a hole in the wall. Here is a reminder about the "before":
Here is Handy Man, covered in dust. He had to take down several rows of siding, and break a huge hole in the wall for the new window. The small hole is just the beginning, he made the hole as big as the larger opening you can see here:
Thankfully, it was a nice warm day that day:
After a long day of construction work, here is the window, from the outside:
Here is the view from the inside, taken today, on a snowy day in January (since I apparently forgot to take a photo of the inside last spring!)


Catherine said...

Wow, that window change makes such a difference, Super impressive.

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