Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kitchen Renovation: Part 2,387

Back to the kitchen renovation.  As a reminder, we did our initial renovation in December of 2008. We removed everything, and laid down new wood flooring. Handy Man installed a new soffit and put the cabinets back together in a slightly new configuration. He also moved the sink. And there everything stopped, until a warm day in Spring of 2009 when Handy Man put a window into the wall above the relocated sink.

Fast forward to July 2009...when Handy Man had started painting the kitchen cabinets. He painted them a glossy white. We had white cabinets in our last house, and loved them. It brightens up the kitchen, and the glossy paint is wipe-able. (Is that a word?)

Notice the two drawers that were missing at the moment. That is because those two drawers were "false" fronts, as they were under the original sink. Handy Man took the false fronts out and built new cabinet boxes for them, so we could have drawers there. Hey, he's not called "Handy Man" for nothing.

You'll probably also notice that the panels on the sides of the cabinets are still bare. This was because the wood there had a very smooth finish that we decided would be difficult to paint. Handy Man decided to put some beadboard paneling over the cabinet sides, which we also painted white. It solved a problem for us and helped the cabinets to look more "finished."

Another thing you'll notice is that the toe-kick under the cabinets wasn't yet painted. Hey, Rome wasn't built in a day!
By now, the kitchen was really coming together. Just a few more minor painting details to go, and it was 95% done.

What are we planning for the other 5%? You'll have to stay tuned for details...!


Jill Scott said...

Your kitchen looks fabulous. I wish I had the guts to paint my kitchen cabinet. I just can't bring myself to paint over the wood. I grew up being told that you just don't paint wood. How crazy is that?

larsinnh said...

I think maybe it was because it just wasn't "done" when we were kids...cabinets were usually left natural. But its such an easy way to spruce up cabinets that are ugly/worn, but sturdy. These cabinets were only from about 1994ish, but they were just soooo...plain. Thanks for the comments!

Liz from VT said...

Looks great. We are going to paint our cabinets white also. What type of paint did you use?

larsinnh said...

Rob says that the paint was oil paint. Oil paint is more durable for painting cabinets. The surface is easier to clean up, as cabinets will get splattered with food/grease, etc. You can do more research online, but that's what we decided to go with.

Barbara said...

Hi Lars, Crafty Woman

The kitchen looks great! We didn't use oil based paint on our kitchen cabinets and now only 2 years later the paint is beginning to chip off in certain spots...looks like we will be having another paint job in the next few years, but next time it will be oil based paint! Thanks for the link!

Connie said...

We painted out kitchen all a creamy off-white about 3 weeks ago and also love it! Actually we'd painted the cabinets a different color of soft white back in 2003 but this time around I said, "Everything (cabinets, walls/ceiling) will be the same color/sheen!" So fun! It's not everybody's cup of tea, but we love it! You know the old saying, "Just cuz it's wood, doesn't mean it's good!" Wood is sturdy but it doesn't always have to be stained, right :-) I've got a great Mr. Handy Man too. Aren't we some of the luckiest gals around!

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