Friday, January 1, 2010

Kitchen Renovation, During...

Here are some photos of our lovely kitchen in the middle of renovations. Handy Man tore everything out! He took off the counter tops, the sink, took down the kitchen cabinets, etc:
What a mess!!
Handy Man: What have I done?!?

Water had to be shut off, and the refrigerator and stove were moved into the living room. We didn't use the stove, but we were at least able to use the fridge.

We used paper plates and cups for about 10 days. We set up a makeshift kitchen on a table, where we used the microwave and toaster oven for simple cooking. That, and some takeout food helped to get us through:

Once everything was torn out, the rebuilding could begin. The cabinets were in decent shape, so we put them back up, but in a slightly new configuration. Handy Man also put in hardwood floors.

Stay tuned for more pictures!


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