Friday, January 8, 2010

Kitchen Floor

Back to some kitchen renovation is Handy Man, starting to put in the new wood floors. He decided to put the wood flooring right over the existing vinyl. The vinyl was glued down and attached to the subfloor in such a way that it would be almost impossible to peel it up

Handy Man used 3/8" engineered oak flooring from Lowe's. We bought the thinner wood so that it would match up with the floor levels in the living room and the hallway, which connect to the kitchen.

I laid out some pieces, staggering the joints, and he marked them, cut them, and installed them. It was a lot of bending and crouching over, but believe me, Handy Man is used to putting in wood flooring! The rest of the house has wood flooring now, except for the two bathrooms.

Ucky vinyl I couldn't clean, next to nice wood:
Now, this looks SO much better, doesn't it?
After the floor was installed, it was time to start putting the kitchen back together...stay tuned!
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