Thursday, January 21, 2010

365 items in 365 Days

I meant to post about "Getting Organized" for the year earlier in January, since that seems to be the time when people talk about getting organized. However, there's still enough time in 2010 to get things organized in your home.

Rob and I did several different things which I'll talk about, but one of the most helpful things we did was a challenge called "Declutter 365 items in 365 days." ( I think this is from another web site or magazine, but I can't find the source. If someone knows where this idea came from, can you email me to let me know? Thanks.)

For a year, from about mid-2008 until mid-2009, we decluttered the house a little bit at a time, and kept track of the amount of items we donated or tossed. Since we had made previous attempts to pare down, Handy Man didn't think we'd make it to 365. 

There were some days or weeks where we didn't get rid of much, but by the 365 day mark, we made it to 365. I even made a list of the items we decluttered, which is amusing to read.

So, why do I say this is how to get organized, "the easy way?" This is because I found this way to be pretty simple: there was no pressure, I had a whole year, and I didn't have to do something every day. When I found something we didn't use any more, I put it into a pile in the basement to take to Goodwill. 

Before long, it piled up. Of course, we made trips to the Goodwill through that 365 day period...but I didn't have to devote HOURS and HOURS to decluterring. It really only took a few minutes each day that I worked on the challenge.

Do you have "stuff" to get rid of? It's still only January; it's early enough in the year to make a difference. Go through one drawer, one pile, one shelf at a time. You don't have to list every item like I did, (I did that knowing I wanted to blog about it), but maybe put up a tally sheet near your giveaway pile, to see if you can make it to the 365 mark. 

In one year, without devoting a ton of time, you will notice a huge difference in your home. More details on our methods will come, but I'm looking for people to join in on this challenge.

You can do it...ready, set, go!


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