Monday, January 11, 2010

Decluttering and Disposing

This is a pile o' "stuff" in the basement that we are donating to a thrift store. For the last several years, we make piles like this, then drop the items off to donation places.

What's all this stuff, you may wonder? Well, a little bit of it is Handy Boy's outgrown clothes...some of it is toys that Handy Boy doesn't play with any more...some of it is just STUFF that I've found and said "Why are we keeping this?"

I do try to pass things on (especially Handy Boy's stuff) to friends with children...or see if my family needs anything...but mostly, it goes to Goodwill or a place that takes donations. Today, Handy Man and I found a new thrift store to donate our items. I found a winter coat for Handy Boy for next year, in excellent shape for...

Wait for it...

ONE dollar!

Can you believe it? Its harder to find things for Handy Boy in thrift stores as he gets older, but I still look for things like winter jackets. I just hate the thought of plunking down $60 for a coat he might only wear for one winter!

Handy Man was happy about the coat, too. He's getting to be a real stingy-poo in his old age, ha ha.

So, back to decluttering. Even though we've had yard sales in the past, and about every 3-4 months we bring a load of stuff to Goodwill; we still manage to find things to declutter. I swear, we don't buy a whole lot of "stuff." Most of the stuff we buy is consumable, like milk and groceries. We hardly go to the mall and I don't even like to buy clothes for myself. I think it multiplies in the dark.

I will be revisiting the whole decluttering thing as the year goes on. It was long journey towards getting this house decluttered.  Between 2008 and 2009, I participated in a "Declutter 365 things in 365 days" challenge, and I actually kept track of how many items we tossed and donated. And we DID make it to 365.  Maybe I will also see if we can dig up another 365 items; who knows.

Do you have any organizing and decluttering goals for 2010? Share them here, we can all help each other.


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